Weapons Seized at North Carolina Black Panther Press Conference “We of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party are lawful and any

Police seized ten weapons from members of the North Carolina

Revolutionary Black Panther Party at an armed press conference late last week. Police say they took ten firearms from the group. None of the mem- bers have come forward to reclaim their arms.

Guns seized included five semi-automatic handguns, two revolvers

and three shotguns. North Carolina law suspends the right to carry firearms during protests and demonstrations as well as at courthouses where the press conference took place.

The local sheriff’s department is holding the guns. People can re-

claim their guns with proper identification. The group’s leaders maintain that this is a violation of their constitutional rights to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms.

Party leader Dr. Alli Muhammad stated that the district attorney and

the Wilmington police chief are trying to suppress the group’s civil lib- erties. The group held the conference to draw attention to the shooting deaths of three African-American men by police officers.

“The DA and Wilmington Police Chief are engaging in acts designed

to chill our freedom of expression,” Muhammad said, reports WBTV. “One of the basic tenants of the constitution that they are sworn to uphold.

“The DA and everyone under his directives is engaging in selective

enforcement which amounts to viewpoint content discrimination,” he said. “The unconstitutional acts carried out by the Wilmington Police Depart- ment and the DA will be fought tooth and nail.”

“We maintain that the current statue cited by the DA and police in order to violate our constitutional, civil and human rights is a crime and it is because we are black and it is because we are black panthers. This is in clear violation of the state and US constitution, freedom of expression and the right to bear arms.

violation against the people of this state and the United States of America and against us as the people and against you as the people or against we as the people are a crime,” he stated.

After deputies interrupted the armed vigil the group moved to a pri-

vate home. Deputies also removed participants’ face masks. Local statute also prohibits wearing face masks at protests and demonstrations.

The group originally planned an armed march but changed plans af-

ter the DA’s office said they would move to block it. “My office has received several press inquires regarding an an-

nounced march scheduled to take place in Wilmington this weekend,” said Hanover County District Attorney Ben David. “The right to gather and speak freely is a great American tradition and is enshrined in our First Amendment. The right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amend- ment. To ensure public safety, reasonable time, place, and manner restric- tions are codified [by local law] which prohibits the possession of firearms under certain circumstances.”

“This statute will be enforced in this district without regard to the

applicant who seeks to assemble or the viewpoints of that group. When the assembly is convened on public property, individuals are prohibited from possessing firearms while demonstrating or picketing without advanced permission. Anyone in violation of this statute will be prosecuted.”

Muhammad said that they were not protestors in an responding state- ment. “We are not protestors we are not picketing, and we don’t intend on

having any funerals,” Muhammad said. “So that’s not our intentions. Our actual special event,” he continued, “is a special event against terrorism and genocide.”

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