Where Are The ‘All Lives Matter’ Supporters Now?



Remember those All Lives Matter advocates? You know, those who spoke out in response to Black Lives Matter. Those who felt that it was unfair to single out Black Lives when there were other, non-black lives at risk as well. Those who felt “Black Lives Matter” meant black lives mattered more than others. Those who deliberately declined to see “Black Lives Matter“ as a movement highlighting the demonstrable evidence that black lives do matter less than white lives to the criminal justice sys- tem, and instead, formed a competing hashtag as a means of undermining BLM without actually doing anything to support all the other lives they claimed to care about. Yeah those guys. Do you know if they want to car- pool to the next travel ban protest to show support for the Muslim lives that are being targeted or will they just meet us there?

Around the country people of all backgrounds gathered to protest

Trump’s executive order to ban travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the U.S. A discriminatory attack on a group of people based on their religious beliefs, something you would think would upset anyone who’s expressed concern for the fair and just treatment of “All Lives” right? So it had me pondering all weekend, where are those righ-

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