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Hello, I want to congratulate the staff and Board members and the Civil Rights Museum organization in gen- eral for a successful telethon fundraiser to support the Museum. At last count, the one-day event brought in over $25,000.00. The citizens of Greensboro are to be commended for supporting this Number one tourist attraction in the Triad. The Civil Rights Museum has made Greensboro and the Triad a winner in the nation’s tourism industry….

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Well, I think I have just about seen it all. The women march on Washington is a big con game on the Ameri- can public. White women are the ones that got Trump elected. 85% of white women voted for Trump. To quote an unknown Negro Uncle Tom from the past, “we are our own problem”. White women are their own problem when it comes to Trump becoming President and as President putting them down and working against their interest. 96% of Black women voted for Hillary Clinton. White women need to get themselves together. At the end of the day, however, racism and white skin privilege Trumped gender in this election….

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Hello, what the hell is going on in this country, White supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos, the editor of Breitbart, a racist internet news publication, has been approved to speak at Berkley University under the guise of free speech. Any first year law student will tell you that free speech has an exception. Freedom of speech can be legally denied if it creates a clear and present danger. The example that is normally used is that your right to free speech is not protected if you yell “fire” in a crowded theatre. Racist speech creates a clear and present danger, remember Adolph Hitler…

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. Hi-G-times, I don’t understand why so many people are so upset with Steve Harvey meeting with Donald Trump, it is not unusual for two comedians to meet…..

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. I’m sending a shout out to all my sisters out there. Be Careful. You can be dumped before Valentine. He can be like; I gave you 2 eggs, to boil one and fry the other. You fried the one you were supposed to boil and you boiled the one you were supposed to fry. You are not obedient, its over.

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Hey Reggie, this shout out is for you. You can move to a different city, you can move to a different state, but if you don’t move your mind, move your heart , move your attitude you might as well stay where you are…

Hello, you know I was just thinking, there is an old saying that you’ll catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. The clown President is giving out free vinegar with no chaser..

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Hi-G-times, laughing is the best medicine but if you are laughing for no reason, you need medicine. Shout Out

Hello, I want your readers out there to think about this immigrate issue. In simple terms, it boils down to the fear of a black planet earth. Europe has a lower birth rate than death rate for the first time in European history. Europe will be majority Muslim and people of color in 20 years. Americans fear the same fate. White people are becoming endangered. There’s your reason for an immigration ban, the fear of a black planet earth.

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