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he passed away, and we only found that out after he’d died. I had it on my iPod for a long time before I could listen to it, and when I finally did I decided to sample some of it. My mum is also on the same track. I wanted to immortalise them together one last time together on record..that was important to me. It’s true to me, and if it’s done properly and innovatively it can be a very special thing. Te Isle of Arran from your new album seems to be about hope through despair and about fatherhood – the video features men holding their babies which is a peculiarly and sadly rare thing to see on video. Where did you find the inspiration for this track? I think it just came from me and my friends having a lack of father figure or a tangible male influence. I felt quite frustrated at the time, and usually when I feel that way I like to get on my feet and go and play some football or something. For the first time ever, however, with this track I sat down when I was annoyed and channelled those feelings. A lot of emotions came through that had been bubbling up for a while. So would you say you write music to exorcise your demons? Yeah, massively so. Ain’t Nothing Changes came out last October – they aged you using make up. Was it weird to see yourself as you’ll be in future years? Yeah it was. I mean I’m quite an old man at heart anyway, and I tend to hang out with people who are the same so it was actually quite refreshing! I’m quite excited to get old and be able to chill out with hundreds of grandkids, sitting down all the time. I’m quite down for it! Tere are songs on your first EP A Little Late about your stepdad like Cantona and BFG. You keep your lyrics personal and honest, even if that’s painful. Who are your own favourite lyricists? Tere are quite a few people – definitely Common, who’s one of my favourite rappers, Skinnyman, Mos Def, Ghetts, but then also Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen. Whoever my family used to listen to on top of what I was listening to really. How’s your cooking school for ADHD kids Chilli Con Carner going? Yeah it’s brilliant. We’re getting prepped for the new year, getting more courses set up for spring and some more started for the start of summer. It’s just in London at the moment but we want to get some permanent spaces set up in other places. I think it could really grow

once I get a bit more time on my hands. It must be good to have another interest in life, alongside music? Completely, it makes the music feel a little bit more fun at times, and stops me from getting bogged down in it. What’s your favourite meal to cook at the moment? Well at the moment I’m making cheese on toast! I make a banging teriyaki salmon, and also a miso glazed cod. It’s banging. I’m trying to be healthy at the moment! How has having ADHD and dyslexia affected making music for you? I was talking to someone about this yesterday actually, and they asked me how I would feel if I didn’t have it. I’ve done quite a lot of soul searching about it and I think I’d be quite upset not to have it now. Obviously it’s hard when you’re younger but it’s worked in my favour quite a lot over the years. Some people don’t like me for it but a lot of people do like me for it and that’s more important. Just not hiding from it was one of the main parts that I learnt early on – I had to learn how to accept myself and feel confident before I can expect anyone else to accept me. Now I feel confident in who I am so it’s not really a problem. You played Norwich Arts Centre in October last year to rave reviews, and this time around you’re playing at the Waterfront. Will it be the same sort of

“I make a banging teriyaki salmon.”

set up? Tat was a great gig! Te production value might be a little bit bigger this time around just because it’s an album tour so hopefully we’ll have a little more money from the sales to put straight back into the stage show – having studied theatre I understand that that’s an important part of it. We won’t have a big band but there may be a few exciting surprises! Norwich is well into your music! Well I’m well into Norwich, so that’s fine with me! Finally, what are your plans for this year? Yeah yeah, lot of festivals hopefully. I’ve been booked for a couple already that I can’t tell you about yet, and more are trickling in. I’m just trying to get away, fall in love and buy a dog – they’re my goals for the year, along with keeping busy, making music and getting heard!


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