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not every label can make it happen - I would say its like 70/30 digital to vinyl which is a shame as I wish it could be every release. Your new Bridgewater EP just about to come out with Solarris, with remixes from Audiojack and Jonathan Kaspar. It must be fascinating to see how different people remix your music and pick up on perhaps different aspects in a tune? Yeah it’s really cool. It was nice this time raound as both remixes really kept on the vibe of the original track which is always nice to see as it probably means they are into it, which is always good! You’ve played some really exciting places like the Hard Summer Festival in La, Snowbombing in Austria and Hideout in Croatia. What’s been your most memorable gig so far? Ah, it’s way too difficult to pick one, I have loved so many for so many different reasons. I mean Te BPM Festival is amazing, ANTS in Ibiza always blows me away - I love playing

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there. Elrow in Amsterdam was great…we could be here all day! Ibiza is always great and I loved last year as I did a residency for ABODE - the parties were unreal and I had so much fun playing with those guys. IIt’s nice to come back to the island week after week and see so many people, friends and DJs, and the night itself was rammed all the time. Te crowd were amazing and the vibe was sick. What equipment do you use to make your music, and do you do it mostly at home? I have a Vermona now which I’m yet to set up, a Prophet 6, Electrolux drum machine, TR8, a Mini Moog and other stuff. I use Abolition & Logic to make music, use Machine Live sometimes for programming cool percussion or drums. I have a studio in London which is great so any time of the day or night I can just head there and make music as loud as I like! Where as when I first started out I made music in my bedroom. My mum was cool though, she never really told me to turn it down, she was very supportive of it and would always come in & be like “yeah I like this track” ha ha! I do miss those days to be fair. I’ve still got my old set up there though, which consists of a tiny midi keyboard, monitors and a laptop. What do you consider to be the best house tune of all time, other than your own of course! Ha ha, that’s impossible to answer! One that has amazing memories of growing up is Pete Heller’s Big Love. It reminds me of summer, house parties and just being a kid and a teenager. Do you have any words of advice for people just starting out? Make records YOU love, don’t think about what is cool or what other people will like, just do your own thing and make what makes you happy.



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