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Yeah, thank you for noting that. It brings you back. I like going back and listening to the songs to remember how to play the bass parts before we go on tour, and I like it because it reminds me of recording those songs in the studio, where we were, what I was thinking, I love that part of it, and like you say, my development as a player. I’m proud to say I think we’re all at the top of the game now in terms of songwriting and musicianship, we all know who we are and the reaction we’re getting is so fulfilling. What’s the hardest Anthrax song to play? Oooh, let me see. On Among Te Living there’s a song called Skeletons In Te Closet – that’s a pretty good workout, for the guitar players a bit more cos they’re picking really hard on that one. Tere are a few hard ones on For All Kings, but I love the challenge. Put it this way – when we were writing the songs I remember saying that my arm hurt, and I love getting my arm muscles worked up to the point where it’s not fatigued any more. Have you considered playing any of your other albums in


Anthrax play UEA on 17th February. Tickets available from

“Just give me some fish and chips and a pint.”

full on tour? Anything’s up for conversation I guess, right, cos it’s been a great career so far! I always say give the fans what they want to anything’s possible. I’d like to put a vote in for Attack Of Te Killer B’s then.. Wow! Tat would take some relearning! You haven’t done a UK headline tour for over ten years – how come? It’s a mixture of logisitics and plus people keep asking us to play with them as part of packages, which is how it seems to happen these days, so it’s a great opportunity and a rarity for us to play a headline tour this time around. We made a

considered effort to put this tour together for 2017. Our support are Te Raven Age, they’re good guys who care about their music and Steve Harris from Iron Maiden’s son George is in the band. It’s a great thing to see the next generation come up. On this tour you’re playing eight dates in the UK and then going onto Europe – is touring as much fun as it used to be? It used to be a lot easier! I love playing music and I’m very fortunate to make a living doing so so I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth ever. It’s like a line from Te Godfather –this is the life we’ve chosen! I love writing songs and playing for people and I’m so happy that our fans have been with us for over thirty years now but we’re getting more people into our fan base which is wonderful. I’ve looked through all 186 pages of your gigs listed on, and what’s interesting, apart from the fact that this will be your very first visit to Norwich, is that throughout your history you’ve maintained very good sized venues – at no point has that dipped. Do you have

a favourite place to play in the world? Ha ha ha! Tat’s a great question because I have a lot of favourite places. For me it’s about the shows first, the towns and let’s face it, it’s about food for me! I love going to different places to eat which is a bit selfish of me, but a good local pub meal doesn’t hurt anybody! I hope you get to go to some Norwich pubs while you’re here – did you know they used to say Norwich had a pub for every night of the year and a church for every week? Tat sounds fine to me! Just give me some fish and chips and a pint. What can we in Norwich expect from our very first Anthrax show? We don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, we just bring a lot of crazy energy and a desire to connect with our audience, that’s all it is. I need to make sure that everyone’s having a great time, because together we need to make an energy that will make us high!


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