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“Tis is my first homecoming show.”

infiltrate the industry, and one thing I realised was that no course can really prepare you for what the industry is like. It’s very difficult to get noticed and for people to take you seriously. I finally met my managers, and they also managed Ella Eyre – my first big break was producing a song with her, and then from there it just snowballed. At that point I wasn’t thinking about writing my own stuff, I was just happy to produce for other people. I did a couple remixes for myself, my manager sent them to the Ministry Of Sound and they said they wanted to sign me as an artist, something I never thought about before, so I was like I’ll give it a go! So after you’d done all that hard work, your very first single Easy Love went to number one and has had over 120 million views on YouTube! How did that feel? Yeah, it was ridiculous really. I really struggled during those two years after university, I could barely get enough work to pay my bills, and then all of a sudden it went from nothing to everything. I was at number one, people were asking me to produce massive acts, I was releasing my own stuff which keeps on doing really well. Overnight everything changed at the moment that Te Ministry of Sound got involved. It was crazy how quickly things changed. You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in commercial music at the moment including Ella Eyre and Craig David – who else would you love to work with? I’ve got a few songs which I’ll maybe send to a few people, like Ellie Goulding, and I’ve been working with Tinie Tempah which should be an

amazing collaboration, we just need to find the right song. I work with new artists all the time and am open to working with anyone, it just has to be the right song. What’s your secret do you think, in terms of writing music that people just really want to get behind? I think my outlook is to make positive music as people like to connect with that and also radio stations love to play positive music. People who are driving to work in the morning don’t want to hear something that’s going to depress them, they want to hear something that’s going to wake them up and get them ready for the day. I really want to have that impact on people – maybe if someone’s feeling down they’ll listen to one of my songs and it might cheer them up, and that’s a really powerful element to have in a song. Tat’s important to me. I find that if I really enjoy making a song people tend to enjoy listening to it – obviously I make tons and tons of songs and I can tell those which give me that feeling and really uplift me, and nine times out of ten that usually translates to other people as well. I try and go with my gut. You must be excited to play the biggest venue in Norwich soon and see some of your friends and family in the audience? Yeah, I hope so! We didn’t come to Norwich on the last tour but this is my first homecoming show. We did Sundown Festival which was amazing, it was only a 20 minute set which my friend and family came to, but this will be by first full set. I’m really looking forward to it.


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