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ucking Punches, Norwich’s finest punk outfit, are just about to release their second album, and this one feats

none other than Frank Turner! Tey’ve played hundreds of live shows where they get the crowd going like the very clappers. I spoke to founding member Dan about how they got together, how they crowdfunded their latest album and about that music video feat an Outline writer.


Who’s in the band? Dan, Pete, Sophie, Cal & Serg When did you guys initially get together, and how? It started as a solo project years ago before I even moved to Norwich. Once I was here I met Pete who was running a zine called Mild Peril and he played drums on the two EP’s. Cal, Sophie and Serg joined for the second album Dance Before You Sleep. We all met in the Norwich punk scene; it’s where I’ve met all of my best friends to be honest. How would you describe your music, and what are your songs generally about? It often has been described as folk/punk. However, I think the sound has developed beyond that and with the new record it is more straight up punk rock/post punk. Our songs are generally about love, death, hope and mental illness. Have you always been into punk and folk music? Ever since I can remember I’ve listened to punk. It’s taught me all the ethics that we live our lives by, I would not be the person I am without it. Folk was a much later addition to my soundtrack but equally as important. Which particular acts have inspired your own music? Tere are tons including literature and bands the main influences are Te Weakerthans, Te Cure, John Fante, Te National, Te Descendents, Bukowski, Mogwai, Against! Me, Knapsack and Samiam. Your latest album Fizzy Brain, out on 4th March, was financed through PledgeMusic. How did you find the response? It was completely overwhelming; we hit 200% of our target which meant we were able to donate even more to PAPYRUS and CALM, two charities very close to our hearts. We didn’t expect the response to be anything like that.

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Frank Turner played on this album! How did that come about? I know you’re supporting him on his European tour in April. He’s been a friend for a while now and has always really supported our band. He’s the best dude and I just asked if he was up for it and he came and smashed it out in two takes. It was damn impressive! Yeah, we’re off on a month long tour across Europe with him in April, it’s going to be a blast. Te video for God Damn Coward came out recently and it stars Smiley (one of Outline’s film writers) as Death. How did you come up with the concept and was it fun to film? It was super fun to film; Smiley is a great actor (don’t tell him I said that), so it really made the video come together so much easier than we expected. Te concept was something I’ve had for a while so it was great to put it into action. I’ve always been interested in both the personification of death and the mundanity of everyday life. So, as a video they matched perfectly. You signed to Xtra Mile Records last year so you’re now label- mates with Chris TT, Future of the Left and Beans on Toast amongst others. What does it mean to you to be on that label? It’s a wonderful label to be a part of, we’ve always admired their ethics and they marry with our own perfectly. Also, they are the biggest bunch of sweethearts and it’s great to be label-mates with some of our best friends and favourite bands. You’ve played hundreds of live gigs but what has been your most memorable? Tat’s a tough one, they’re all memorable in their own unique way. Some of our hometown ones have been insanely memorable. I remember the last album release show when the entire crowd were singing every word, it gave me goosebumps and really cemented why we do this. Other memorable ones have been Koln, supporting Frank Turner to 3,000 people, Reading and Leeds festivals, Groezrock, FEST in Florida, the candlelit one where the curtains set on fire and the festival where I genuinely played to one man, his dog and the sound guy. Where will we be able to buy the new record from? You can get the record at our record launch at Norwich Arts Centre; or it’s available to pre-order from Xtra Mile Recordings, Banquet Records or iTunes.

Lizz Page

INFORMATION Ducking Punches’ album release show is at Norwich Arts Centre on 11th March, with support from Bangers and Chas Palmer-Williams. Tickets available from / March 2016 / 35

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