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On an award tour around Norfolk Libraries

It’s prizegiving season on Planet Earth at the moment, and everyone from Skrillex to Meghan Trainor is now tasked with finding mantelpiece space for another odd shaped tribute to their hard work and skillz from the past year. In the past month the NME, Grammy’s and Brits have given the best and brightest bands and artists their just desserts.

Check out your local library to discover all those winning albums. CD’s by Taylor Swift, Suffolk’s own Ed Sheeran, Te Maccabees, Adele, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Foals, Wolf Alice, James Bay and many more are waiting for you to take them home and spin them for your pleasure. It’s cheaper than iTunes at just 80p a week, so rinse out your local library for some absolute belters this month.

It’s quite something when you’re straight outta Norwich in your very early 20’s, you make kickass spoken word/hip hop beats with your mate, it gets picked up by BBC Introducing in Norfolk, then BBC Radio 1 Extra PLAYLIST YOUR TRACK. Tis is what’s happened to Cabrakid. I spoke to beat-maker extraordinaire Gabriel (aka Allergy Kid) about how it feels to be played on national radio.

Who’s in Cabrakid, and what kind of music do you make? Cabrakid is the lovechild of myself as producer and poet/rapper/vocalist/all round good man, High Priest Cabrakan, Jake Setters. We make songs to make you happy, angry, dance, sleep and everything in between. Who are your hip hop heroes and who inspires you as an artist? Loyle Carner is someone we’ve been loving for a long time. For a while now J. DIlla has been my number one. Damu the Fudgemunk is another who’s been having a big influence on me lately, and George the Poet and Jesse James are just a few that are bringing something a bit more than just a rap to the table. How did you come to get on R1’s Extra playlist? Following uploading New Year, New Nothing featuring Maya Law on the BBC Uploader we were lucky enough to be picked for Radio Norfolk who then put us through to 1Xtra who picked it as their Introducing unsigned track of the week. It

just shows how helpful the whole Introducing platform is for all artists looking to reach out further. We’ve noticed a very steady grow in listens. How did it feel to be played on national radio for the first time? It’s been really quite surreal for all of us being played amongst such huge names. I missed the first play by about five minutes because I was at work, but it was my strangest moment on BBC iPlayer I can say that. Knowing that millions of people are tuned in is quite nuts to get your head around. Do you have any records released so far, or any plans to do so? At the moment we have six self released EP’s on our Soundcloud. At the moment the focus is on waiting for the perfect songs to come along for an official EP release, but it’s not something we’re looking to put a timeline on for now.

Lizz Page

INFORMATION See Cabrakid at their first headline show at the Waterfront Studio on 26th March. Tickets available from Read the full interiew online at / March 2016 / 21

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