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uestion: What did one comic book geek say to the other comic book geek? Answer: “Who’s your favourite comic book character?” Obviously. I mean,

it’s always the first thing you want to know, because the answer tells you everything about a person. Seriously. Teir moral values, their views on family, their hopes and dreams… All these details and more can be ascertained with this one simple costume related question.

For those of you who think a comic- con is some sort of Beano related scam, this may be news to you, but picking a favourite hero is a serious business. It’s a bit like (I would guess) picking a football team to support – you can’t just go straight for Man United, or everyone will think you’re a glory chasing arsehole. It’s not about who’s got the ‘most’ power, it’s about whose style you admire; Let me give you an example. If you asked an average group of fanboys who their favourite X-Men character is, they’d all say Professor X, because of his superior psychic abilities, right? WRONG! Tey’d all say Wolverine, obviously. Why? Because he’s got fucking claws, and claws are cool.

Tis brings me to the point, which is that after you’ve debated who the best

superhero is, the next logical question is “who would win between – and – in a fight?” Well, this month DC are bringing their two biggest hitters to the screen for a cape-off: Batman and Superman. Yes, Gotham’s most ill-adjusted millionaire orphan will do battle against Krypton’s solar powered super- migrant. Obviously this is about more than who can hit the hardest, or Superman would just piss it (sorry, bat- fans, but you know it’s the truth) and is more about a battle of wits, will and ethos. Needless to say, this is a big deal. Knickers-worn-over-tights will be in a twist, friends will become enemies, etc. Who will win? Not telling, but if you have even a passing interest in logo- heavy vigilantes, you’re going to want to see this one.


leisure, just tell us who plays Alfred in Batman

cinema tickets to use at your

To win yourself 4 Odeon Norwich

Dawn of Justice? vs Superman:

A.Michael Gough B.Michael Caine C. Jeremy Irons

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