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Tis is my last letter to you as your chairman of the association executive board of directors. It has been an exciting year with a “Call on Washington” in March, providing the opportunity to talk with our representatives and senators in person to express our concerns and thank them for their support of our industry. Nebraska was able to pass a fuel tax bill for improving Nebraska’s roads and bridges. Tere are still industry concerns that we’ll continue to watch and provide input into, CSA, hours of service, driver shortage to mention a few. Your trucking association is one of the front line defenses to address these issues and keep trucking interests the best for the industry. Larry, Patty, and the NTA staff are relentless in their support of trucks and trucking. Tey continue to monitor issues at the state and federal level so we aren’t blindsided by some legislation that is detrimental to our industry. It is great to have dedicated people on the staff at Nebraska Trucking and Truck Services that do their jobs well and keep the association running smoothly.

Please continue to watch for ATRI surveys. Tis is the best way to provide feedback and voice our concerns to represent our industry accurately. ATRI has released research on three of its latest studies, truck parking issues, operational costs of trucking, and top industry issues. Copies of these reports are available at president

office manager Diana Garcia

controller Keith Nesja

vice president Patty Wood

Larry Johnson

What is left to say but thank you for your support of the association and all our other events and outings. Congratulations to Trey and Jennifer Mytty, the Golden Deeds and Woman of Distinction award winners. Teir commitment to charities and the NTA make them worthy recipients of these awards. And congratulations to all the other award winners at conference. Tis is our association and it can only be as great as we will let it be.

I welcome Bob Clark of Chief Carriers as the new chairman and with his leadership the association is in good hands.

It has been an honor to serve on the executive board of directors and as your chairman, this has been a great experience for me and I am humbled by the great people who serve and volunteer their time and efforts to the association, they are an inspiration.

Again please support your Nebraska Trucking Association with your membership and ‘Keep On Truckin’.

Trucking Associations (ATA). ATA serves and represents the trucking industry on a national level, influencing federal and state government actions, advancing a positive trucking industry image, providing education programs and industry research, and promoting highway safety and security.

For more information, contact Nebraska Trucking: 1701 K Street P.O. Box 81010 Lincoln, NE 68501 Phone 402.476.8504 Fax: 402.476.8570

Nebraska Trucking Association is a statewide trade association for commercial truck and bus operators and affiliated businesses. It is a not-for- profit association governed by a board of directors elected annually. Nebraska Trucking is an affiliate of the American

Tank you, Chris Klotz SBT, Inc.

Chair, Nebraska Trucking Association



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