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misunderstandings out on the road and give the company insights and ideas about how they can improve the driver experience. If drivers have a concern and comments, we built a process to address the driver’s comment right away. It’s important to have at least a weekly cadence with the company following up with the drivers to continue building a mutual feeling of respect.

We found many carriers focus most of

their efforts around recruiting because it’s easier to measure but would have turnover rates above 100%. It’s important to plug the leak at the bottom of the funnel before pouring more at the top of it.

THEWHEELS KEEPMOVING We’re continuing to fine tune WorkHound,

but we’re excited for the road ahead. Our team wrapped up our 90-day accelerator experience

HUB International Transportation Insurance Services, Inc.

Customized trucking insurance solutions, national coverage, local operations and dedicated people are what set HUB International apart.

Jeff Dillon, Senior Account Executive  888-365-0923 

with a demo day in September. Larry from NTA was a huge help, introducing us to the 500+ attendees, which gave us an extra piece of credibility in our presentation. With what started as an idea a few months ago now has a functioning mobile experience for drivers and a dashboard for carriers. We have carriers signed on and drivers using the platform daily. We may be considered outsiders to the

industry, but it’s important to bring fresh eyes to the industry as we can take experiences that we’ve seen in other industries in other technologies and apply it specifically to the challenges and opportunities facing trucking. Trough our efforts we’ve made ripples

within our friend groups, in our communities and strangers to raise awareness of the importance of trucking to our daily lives and that trucking truly moves America forward. Tese ripples turn to waves when unexposed minds realize the importance and value that this industry brings to our daily lives.

“THAT TRUCK IS KEEPING US FED.” On a recent ride down the interstate a

friend yelled out “I can’t believe these trucks are in the way!” I quickly responded: “Tat truck is making

sure we don’t have to worry for anything. Tey’re keeping food in stores, gas at the pump and medicine available to all of us.” Tat’s why we’re building WorkHound.

We’re doing our part to keep America moving. NT

Max Farrell is co-founder and CEO of WorkHound, a software company tackling the driver shortage in the trucking industry. WorkHound’s tool allows for drivers to have a stronger voice on the road to increase respect and collaboration with the company. Prior to WorkHound, he worked with Iowa-based pay- ments startup Dwolla.

What is WorkHound? WorkHound is a mobile app and software product built to help carri- ers retain drivers by creating stronger feedback loops between drivers and the office. As a third party tool, WorkHound is able to learn what the biggest issues and opportunities are within a pool of drivers to help the office staff improve the driver experience and bring more respect the the drivers.


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