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material and a draft had been suggested. It was agreed that an alternative would be wrien by the council and discussed with LPT.

Central areaAresident reported on problems being experienced in the central area with parking and nuisance issues as well as their disappointment with the lack of progress with the Control Tower cultural pod and safety concerns about theWaitrose entrance. The council reported on the best course of action to resolve some of the issues and gave an update on actions taken to date to improve safety at theWaitrose entrance. Youth club The youth club would submit articles to local parish magazines asking to join with other local groups in their work. It was noted that Cllr Barker had resigned as trustee of the youth club. Grant funding Projects for remaining grant fundingwere considered.Asuggestion for notice boards sited near both supermarkets showing a plan of the retail area would be considered further. Website Itwas resolved that an updated website be commissioned through Vision ICT once terms and conditionswere agreed and intellectual property rightswere ascertained. Play areas Itwas reported that therewas section 106 funding for children’s play areas. The parish council would discuss options with Tonbridge and Malling Council. Broadband Concerns about broadband connectivity in Kate Reed Woodwere raised by a resident. Itwas agreed that when the results of the survey conducted by LPT and the General Electionwere known, theMP should be lobbied. TheView From The Hill The draft spring editionwas circulated. Railway The National Rail Passenger Survey was noted.Aleer had also been sent to sir John StanleyMPto complain about the overcrowding and impact on Kings Hill.


Kent Street Residents of Kent Street expressed concern at the plan for changes to Kent Street/A228 as they felt theywere not for the benefit of Kent Street residents. They had asked for drains to be moved to the kerbs and a quieter surface. They felt that the large lorries using the roadwere far too big. The parish council had already wrien to KCC with its comments on the plan, including requests for a quieter road surface and the drains to be moved to the kerbs. KCC report KCC Cllr Mahew Balfour said the proposals for the A228were no further forward and negotiations with landowners were still ongoing, a reptile survey had been undertaken recently. Cllr Balfour said that the projectwas intended to give residents a safer and easier exit from Kent Street but appeared to be exceeding budget due to requests from residents regarding road surfaces and moving of drains. Hewas concerned at this as he wished to make it safer and beer. Therewas a limited pot of money available which had to be shared with other community projects. Late post Royal Mail regulations stated that there could not be two late collection post boxes within half a mile of each other. However the collections manager understood the situation of the busy roads andwas trying to get the planners to allow the late collection to change from Seven Mile Lane to The Street on health and safety

grounds. Hewas also trying to get the box on The Street moved to its original site on the north side of the road. Speedwatch Addington Parish Councilwas looking to buy a quarter share of Speedwatch equipment. Itwas agreed that Mereworth no longer required the equipment andwas willing to sell this to Addington. Village hall The kitchen refurbishment had been completed. There had been report of unauthorised parking in the car park and this would be monitored. Church The parochial church councilwas most grateful that the parish council would consider subsidising permanent lighting equipment so that the church could be lit up on special occasions. Allotments All plotswere now taken with two people on thewaiting list. The clerk had asked allotment holders to try to avoid driving over the grass at the entrance when the groundwas particularlywet. Break-in Cllr Jenny Thorogood said she had suffered another shed break-in. Tree The tree donated by Peter Monk in the recreation area had died. He had provided a replacement and Tay Berwick had planted it. Meeting The annual parish meeting would be on April 28 with all village groups and organisations being invited to aend. Windmill Farm Shop The ownerswere experiencing problems with parents parking at the shop at school pick-up times. The headteacher had asked parents to park considerately and to use the shop. The chairman would speak to the shop owners and the school governors. Lunch On Christmas Day, the Queens Head management had organised a lunch for people who did not have families. Thiswas most appreciated and a leer of thanks would be sent to The Record magazine.


Traffic calming Borough Cllr Mahew Balfour said therewere no formal plans for traffic calming in the village. Financeswere difficult at borough level and any scheme needed to be inventive. Trees stolen Two bay trees had been stolen from outside a property in the village. Damage to greenAlorry had skidded on the village green and caused damage. Anyone with informationwas asked to contact the parish clerk. May Day The May Day eventwas to be held on May 2. Volunteerswere needed to help set up the event, help on the day or clear up afterwards. Anyone who could helpwas asked to contact Clare Innes or the clerk. Bin day Residentswere asked not to put their bins out before late afternoon on Sundays, ready for the Monday bin collection. This would help to preserve the beautiful character of the village. Jazz afternoon TheOamSocietywas to hold a “Lazy Jazz” afternoon in Cosgrave Field on June 7. Pond renovationAn information sheet about the renovation work to the pond on Comp Lanewas available on the parish councilwebsite. Annual meeting The annual parish meeting would be on Friday, April 17.


Libraries KCC Cllr Sarah Hohler reported that the libraries consultation had started,

whichwas about having the libraries in a trust but KCC would still be responsible for the buildings and the service. Allotments Therewas a discussion about the need for allotment space in Ryarsh. Local plan Tonbridge and Malling Council had published a local plan position statement whichwas available on its website. Horses Continuing concernwas expressed about horses using the footpath which runs behind The Street, and through Leybourne Woods. The KCC public rights ofway officer would be consulted. Lights New lights had been installed by the Ryarsh Rural Community Council outside the village hall. Unfortunately, one light had been vandalised and smashed already, and needed to be replaced with a cover to protect it.

Lorries More lorries than usualwere being taken through the village by their satnavs andwere geing stuck when trying to turn around. Parking Residents of Woodgate Roadwere asked to be considerate and park in their driveways, leaving the road free for emergency vehicles. The vergewas being damaged by larger vehicles driving on it to get past parked cars and vans.


Car park Mike Hoiles, chairman of the village hall trustees, came to the meeting to discuss the problems which arose sometimes when those visiting the village hall had difficulties in parking in the village car park. He told the meeting that the car park had 41 marked spaces andwas owned by Tonbridge and Malling Council. After a general discussion, itwas agreed to consult further with the borough officer responsible for car parks and for Mike to report back any suggestions made to the parish council. Crime report Therewere four reported crimes during the month. The roof of a vehicle parked in the driveway of a house in Hanbury Closewas damaged.Amanwas stopped on the A26 andwarned for possessing cannabis.Acarwas stopped and seized on Bow Road as the driver did not have a full licence and therewere insurance issues. Therewas one case of domestic harassment. Community Rail Partnership Cllr Chris Talbert reported on the meeting which he had aended. Cashless ticket machineswere to be installed at all stations along the line in the near future. The future of Wateringbury signal box after the automatic barriers are installed later this yearwas still under discussion. School KCC Cllr Mahew Balfour expressed disappointment that the recent Ofsted inspection had gradedWateringbury school as requiring improvement. He had visited the school and knew it to be a good one. KCC would support and help the school. Parish councillors agreed that the villagewas fortunate to have such a good, well-led school. Grant Cllr Balfourwas thanked for his support of the Sports and Recreation Association’s grant application to help upgrade the playing surface for which £3,200 had been awarded. Fete MikeWis of the Sports and Recreation Association said plans for the village fete on Sunday, June 7were progressingwell with stalls and entertainment for all ages.

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