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to be in the lay-by on thewestern side of Stubblesdown on the south side of the A20 needed to be reinstated. The request had been passed to TMBC. Village hall sign KCC had told the clerk it had no objections to a street sign in Park Road giving directions to the village hall subject to agreement on the location. The clerkwas asked to liaise with KCC about the suitability of a site at Rose Alba in Park Road and then to write to the owner to see if they were happy to have a sign on their land. Vegetation clearance The golf clubwas planning on clearing vegetation at the A20 junction. The condition of the ragstonewall might need to be addressed. Footbridge Regarding maintenance on the footbridge at East Street, the clerkwas waiting for a response on whether the work had been completed and the shrouding could be taken down. Village hallAplanning application for improvements to the hallwas imminent. The commieewas looking at funding to upgrade the security. The caravan club had booked the hall for aweekend in February. Recreation ground The commiee needed to look at replacing the damaged shuer door to the workshop following the aempted break-in, with something more secure. Posts on green The clerkwas still looking at the feasibility of alternative materials for the posts andwas trying to obtain some quotes.


Road closure The chairman and clerk had aended a meeting with Bam Nuall, the highway contractor for Peters Village. Imminent road improvement plans involved the closure at night of PilgrimsWay from Hale House to Rochester Road from April 7 to May 17 for refurbishment. The diversion would be throughAylesford village. The clerkwas to speak to SouthernWater about theweight restriction which prevented its vehicles travelling through the village. There should be no tanker movement during the night unless therewas an emergency but the clerk would clarify the situation. There would be roadworks and three-way traffic- light control from PilgrimsWay to Rochester road up to the Lower Bell from March 30 to May 17 for refurbishment and the installation of a new footpath. Co-option Susan Dorringtonwas co-opted to fill a vacancy on the parish council. BT box Following pressure fromMPTracey Crouch, Tonbridge and Malling Council, the parish council and residents, BT had now agreed to re-site the green broadband box. Lier Concernwas expressed at the liering of verges on the approaches into Maidstone particularly around the Running Horse roundabout. KCC Cllr Peter Homewood would report this. Upper Bell Tonbridge and Malling Council was preparing a document with requirements for improving the visual impact of the site but had only limited powers about its future development. KCC had completed the replanting of trees removed without permission and had seled costs out of court.


Crime Sheds at three properties in Bull Road were broken into and several items had been

40 Malling April 2015

recovered from the field behind them. Only two of the three owners had wished to submit reports. Rear windscreens of two vehicles and a window at the Nevill Bull had been broken in seemingly random acts of vandalism.Acyclewas stolen from a driveway in Stangate Road. Signs The clerk had asked Kent Highways to look at the lines at signs around the traffic calming and Slow signs in Ryarsh Road. It did not consider any signs to be in need of cleaning but lines would be refreshed in the summer.

Defibrillator Details had been obtained from Community Heartbeat who had installed defibrillators for Addington Parish Council and Malling Lions.Arepresentative would be invited to the annual parish assembly and grant forms would be completed. The Bank Cllr HelenWalker had noticed that slippagewas again causing concern. The clerk would inform Kent Highway Services. Condolences The chairman announced the sad passing of Donald Marchant. Councillors sent their condolences to the family and thanked him for all the years spent on the parish council.

East Peckham

Crime report There had been four cases of criminal damage and a burglary. Website In January thewebsite had received 424 hits by 312 individuals and 1,621 page views. The average pages viewed per session was 3.82.Aphotographwas required for Cllr Murray Hodgson. Streetlights There had been further correspondence from a resident regarding the light at Henham Gardens. The resident was advised that if residents of the road were in favour of making modifications whichwere then supported by the PCSOs and communitywarden the council would reconsider its decision not to take any further action. The light at Bullen Corner had been repaired. Grant thanksAleer of appreciation had been received from East Peckham Pre- School. Lier bin Tonbridge and Malling Council had approved the installation of a larger base mount lier bin. Council vacancies CllrsAmanda and Murray Hodgson had been co-opted on to the council. Therewas still one vacancy which could be filled by co-option. Itwas decided to leave the vacancy unfilled due to the approaching elections in May. Jubilee Hall Regular bookings remained constant and there had been an increase in the number of casual booking enquiries, particularly for children’s parties. Maintenance The heating in the sports hall was causing problems. Faults had been identified and a temporary solution found. It was likely that more permanent work would be needed during the summer. Outdoor equipment The youth shelter and the lier bin had been installed. Risk assessment Thesewere up to date and weekly visual checkswere being undertaken to the outside areas and inside the building. The primary school had not provided any detail regarding the two trip incidents near the school. The clerk had therefore been unable to determine liability. Emergency plan The new community emergency planwas to be published soon and launched at the annual parish meeting. Floodwardens Cllr StephanieWatson had

been unable to find someone willing to coordinate the scheme and would therefore continue to lead the scheme herself. Sandbag container Two potential sites had been identified at Lile Mill and Tonbridge and Malling Council had confirmed that they would provide sandbags. Because Lile Millwas in a conservation area the preferred location would be the Muraspec site. CCTV Minor adjustments had been made to the central static cameras. Cllrs Peter Street and Lorraine Baseden had made arrangements for in-house training. Similar arrangements would be made for Cllr Claire Day. Former Cllr Mr Roper confirmed that he had uninstalled the software. Fingerposts Memberswere disappointed that the fingerposts had not been installed. It was agreed that following the installation, the council would consider levying a financial penalty for the late completion. Annual parish meeting Itwas agreed that the budget for refreshments would be £250. Cllr Day asked that paper plates and napkins be provided. War memorial renovation The Heritage Loery Fund had funded more than 1,000 projects to mark the centenary of WorldWar I andwas keen to learn more about what they had achieved. Following completion of the renovation work the parish council would be asked to complete a grantee recipient survey. BurliteWar Memorial Restoration Ltd had been asked when the work would start. South East in Bloom Memberswere happy for Cllr Jenny Macdonald to aend a workshop and report at a future meeting. Dog fouling Posters had gone up in a joint effort with Tonbridge and Malling Council. Abag and flag event had been carried out on the playing fields and along the footpaths to The Freehold and 84 depositswere noted. Local council awards This offered the council the opportunity to show that it met specific standards set by the sector and to put in place conditions for continued improvement. Memberswelcomed the scheme. The clerk said the council already met the qualifying criteria for foundation stage and she had registered the council’s interest in accreditation. Itwas agreed to submit an application for foundation accreditation. Twinning The mayor and town council of Cherengwere keen to meet with the parish council. Itwas suggested that this take place after the May elections. Fifty members of the Chereng community would be visiting East Peckham on May 9. The annual Chereng Jumelage fun day would be in September. Donations Therewas likely to be an underspend on lier clearing expenditure which would result in a balance of £400. It was agreed to earmark the balance for grants to village groups. CllrWatson drew aention to the village toddler group which did not cover its costs. The group owed the council £150 in unpaid hall hire fees. Itwas agreed to write off the amount owed. If the group’s future remained uncertain it could apply for a grant. Itwas agreed that this concession would be conditional on the group undertaking some active promotional work to aract more people to the group.


Statement Itwas reported that Liberty Property Trust (LPT)wanted the parish council to make a statement for its marketing

Parish Councils

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