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STREET lightswere smashed in New Road, Dion. Arockwas thrown at traffic from a bridge

in Lunsford Lane, Larkfield. Cupboardswere damaged at a premises in

The Stream, Dion. Ashedwas broken into at a property in

Elm Crescent, East Malling and fishing equipmentwas stolen. Amotorcyclewas stolen from a driveway

in Acorn Grove, Dion. Windowswere damaged at a property in BellinghamWay, Larkfield. Intruders entered an outbuilding in Teston

Road,Oamwith the intention to steal. Awindowwas smashed in a garage at a

home in Troiscliffe Road, Addington. Nothing appeared to have been taken. Play consoles and jewellerywere among

items stolen during a burglary at a home in Bronte Close, Larkfield. AFord Transit in a leisure club car park in Troiscliffe Road, Addingtonwas broken into and a Stihl disc cuer, a mobile phone and a Sony camerawere stolen. An upstairs window of a home in Columbine Road, East Malling was smashed. Awindowwas smashed at a property in

New Hythe Lane, Larkfield. Awing mirrorwas damaged on a car in ChapmanWay, East Malling. Several windows and doorswere damaged at a derelict site in Branbridges Road, East Peckham. Awindowwas smashed at a property in Addison Close, East Malling. Aproperty in Bingley Close, Snodland

was entered and jewellerywas among items taken. Avehicle had its rear lights taken in Branbridges Road, East Peckham. Adoorwas damaged in an aempted break-in at a home in Lambert Mews, Snodland. Asecond-floor front windowwas smashed, probably with a rock, at a home in Mill Street, East Malling. Ared W-registration Honda C90was

stolen from a car park in Gassons Road, Snodland. Tackwas taken from an outbuilding in


Police report PCSO Laura Bullen said there had been another theft of fuel from the Jet Garage and tools had been taken from a van at the golf club. The aempted break-in at the workshop on the recreation groundwas discussed – CCTV footage had been given to the police. Itwas agreed that the clerk would post some photographs of the crime from the CCTV on thewebsite. Defibrillators The defibrillator at the Jet Garagewas fully operational and both defibrillators had been checked. Seven Mile Lane Although the foundations for the new signs had been redone theywere not satisfactory. They would be removed and replaced and the signs would be re- erected. The ducting for the new columns on the south sidewas done but the columns had not been erected. As the scheme had not been completed the safety audit had not been undertaken. KCC traffic engineer Michael Heath had advised the clerk that he was frustrated with the lack of progress and would be pressing for the outstanding issues to be resolved. Speedwatch The parish council did not have

32 Malling April 2015 NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

Horns Lane, Mereworth. Awindowwas smashed at a home in

Tyler Close, East Malling. Jewellerywas taken from a property in

Pout Road, Snodland. Aleerboxwas damaged at property in Ingram Close, Larkfield. Ared Honda motorbikewas taken from outside a property in Seven Mile Lane, Mereworth. An Ipodwas stolen from a vehicle on the

drive of a home in Park Road,West Peckham. Afencewas pulled out of a garden in New

Hythe Lane, Larkfield and dumped. Afencewas damaged at a property in Holborough Road, Snodland. Jewellerywas stolen from a home in New

Hythe Lane, Larkfield. Two wheelie binswere taken from a home

in Coombe Close, Snodland. AKomatsu excavatorwas damaged at a commercial site in New Hythe Lane, Larkfield. AMitsubishi Colt parked in Station Road,

West Mallingwas keyed. Therewas an aempted break-in at a property in Apple Close, Snodland. ASeat Ibiza parked in a leisure centre car

park in New Hythe Lane, Larkfield was broken into. Nothing appeared to have been taken. The rear windowwas smashed on a Fiat Multipla on a driveway in Station Road, Aylesford. Itemswere taken from the shed of a property in Charles Close, Snodland and used in an aempt to break in to the property. Toolswere stolen from a building site in Pollyfield Close, Snodland. Fencingwas damaged at a property in The

Avenue, Aylesford. Aparked vehiclewas scratched in Snodland High Street. The front window of a home in Frog Lane,

access to any Speedwatch equipment. Itwas resolved that the clerk would contact other parishes to see if anyone could share equipment or consider a joint purchase. Kent Men of Trees The clerk had collected the sisal oak saplings from the supplier. Cllr Marie-France Bailey had agreed to nurture the saplings until theweatherwas suitable for them to be planted on the East Street North village green. Play equipment Cllr Peter Robinsonwas geing some quotes to replace the items that were in a poor state. Parish plan The clerkwas asked to consider how the parish plan could be reviewed and investigate the merits of a neighbourhood plan. The clerkwas also asked to find out how the community could benefit from approved housing developments such as that proposed at Plowenders Close if a neighbourhood planwas not in place. Tree fellingAmember of the publicwas concerned about what seemed to be the felling of trees in the wooded area on the north side of St Vincent’s Lane next to Westfield’s Farm. Big Motoring World Planning enforcement

West Mallingwas broken. Both number plateswere stolen from a

Vauxhall Astra parked in Woodlea, Leybourne. All four wheel trimswere stolen from a

Peugeot in Norman Road,West Malling. Therewas an aempted break-in at the

garage of a home in CastleWay, Leybourne. Awhite flatbed vehicle with two occupants was seen at the scene. Abenchwas damaged in a children's play

area in TheAvenue, Aylesford. Avehicle in Bull Lane, Eccleswas moved without the owner’s consent. AZontes motorcyclewas stolen from Mill

Hall, Aylesford. AVWPassatwas broken into at a car showroom in Wood Close, Quarry Wood and a sat navwas stolen. Two menwere seen on CCTV. Acollege building in London Road,

Aylesfordwas broken into and cashwas stolen from a security box. The front door of a property in Chapman

Way, East Mallingwas damaged. The cover from a towing eyewas taken

from a vehicle in a car park in London Road, Aylesford. The front door of a property in Laxton

Walk, Kings Hillwas damaged but no entry was gained. The catalytic converterwas stolen from a

vehicle left overnight in a company depot in New Hythe Lane, Larkfield. Toolswere taken from containers in Holborough Road, Snodland.




had visited the site again and would be serving a notice shortly. The clerkwas asked to find out for which breaches the noticewas being served. Pre-fabs The owner of the pre-fabs at East Street North had not complied with the breach of conditions notice and Tonbridge and Malling Council would be looking to prosecute. Planning enforcementwas also looking to serve an enforcement notice against use of the site. Winsor car breakers Regarding alleged unauthorised engineering works, a full response had still not been received from enforcement, but no action would be taken until the recently submied planning applications had been determined. Itwas agreed that the clerk should contact Tonbridge and Malling Council and ask for an explanation as to why it had taken so long to determine the application. Damaged signAsign on the A20 near the layby at the junction with Troiscliffe Road needed some aention – the sign had been removed and a replacement signwas expected. Parking sign The sign which used40

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