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Conservatives Nick Heslop – leader “THE record of Conservative-con- trolled Tonbridge and Malling Council is one we believe has de- livered quality services and value for money. “The borough council keeps just

12% of your council tax bill – the remainder is distributed to others such as KCC, Kent Police Author- ity, Kent Fire and Rescue and your local parish council. “Someone said to me: ‘If empty-

ing my bins every week was the only service provided by the local council, that’s still good value. “But emptying bins isn’t all we

do.We sweep 400 miles of roads, maintain sports and leisure facili- ties, control planning and develop- ment, food hygiene and much more. We made grants totalling £500,000 to more than 200 commu- nity and voluntary groups and 20

Lib Dems David Thornewell

DAVID Thornewell is standing in the borough election in Larkfield North. Hesaid: “Tonbridge and Malling Council’s local plan is to be re- viewed this year, and this area will come under pressure for house and commercial development. “Wewant the highest quality de-

velopment, on brownfield sites first.We will oppose any plans for the 100-acre Aylesford Newsprint site to be used for Operation Stack. “Protecting the green spaces

which give our towns and villages their rural character is a priority, and Lib Dems will continue to de- fend the green belt, create country parks and village greens as in Lark- field, and protect local important spaces as in Clare Lake, East Malling.

Ukip Garry Harrison

GARRY Harrison is standing for Ukip as a borough council candi- date in East Mallingward. He said: “I am a parish council-

lor in East Malling. I have decided to stand for Ukip formanyreasons, but mainly because I believe that Britain will flourish outside theEU without being hidebound by the vast expense of un-elected EU bu- reaucracy and membership. Our country will be able to make our own laws and trade freely again with the rest of the world. “We will aim to stop councils

and government taxing low in- come earners. We will try to get free buses for our kids, from 12 to 17-years-old and free gym mem- bership for kids. “As a parish councillor living in Tonbridge and Malling I noticed

town and parish councils in the last four years. We have protected the level of grants to parish and town coun- cils – worth more than £25,000. “A recent independent review

said: ‘The council’s approach can broadly be defined as acting in a customer-focusedway, being thor- ough and measured, concentrating on what matters to residents and delivering good quality services, with people within the authority emphasising the importance of lis- tening to local people in order to understand what is important to them.’”


M20 and theA20 are among the busiest roads in Kent and national and devel- opers’ money must be used to minimise congestion, re- duce pollution and reduce noise. “The dangers of speeding traffic

need to be dealt with by traffic calming and 20mph zones at schools and residential areas. Longer trains and restoring the Charing Cross services are crucial for commuters. “The plan for a Kent Library

Trust is worrying.We want to en- sure libraries cannot be closed against local wishes.”

that the national coalition government has been pushing more hous- ing on green land and flood plains. We have enough brownfield sites to house local peo- ple, and we would not need as many houses if we installed an Australian points system. “This would not be as bad if they

put in enough infrastructure in the local area to cope with the strains of mass unskilled migration from Europe to this country, such as more doctors and dentists, and put more money in the NHS so our local services could cope with mass migration into this country.”

Labour Paul Hickmott

LABOUR candidate Paul Hick- mott is standing for the Snodland West and Holborough Lakesward on Tonbridge and Malling Coun- cil.

He said: “The Labour candi-

dates for Tonbridge and Malling Council oppose any council tax in- crease proposals.We feel the cost of living crisis has eaten into peo- ple’s living standards enough al- ready since the last election. We do not feel that people should be hit yet again by Conservative tax hikes. “We will support and encourage

all sports and clubs across the bor- ough. All local sporting groups, young and old, deserve access to the best facilities that can be pro- vided.We strongly feel that high- quality playing surfaces such as 3G should be available to all, en-

Independents Bob Ulph

“LOCAL government at borough and parish council level should not be about party political politics, it should be about serving the com- munities you live in. “That’s whywe are honoured to

have served our communities as parish councillors for the past term of office, and now seek your sup- port to being elected and serving bothWest Malling and Leybourne as borough councillors. “We are close to the needs of our communities and listen to what you tell us, we deliver our prom- ises and support what is right. “We have a track record of serv-

ing our residents and between us have over 30 years of representing our communities andwe will con- tinue to ensure your voice is heard. “By electing us to serve you, we

Greens Howard Patton

HOWARD Patton is the Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Tonbridge and Malling. He said: “Greens have practical policies that deliver fair and lasting solutions. That’s whywe are com- mitted to a publically-funded NHS, will bring the railways back into public hands and introduce a livingwage. “We will build affordable homes

and invest in renewable energy to give us security of supply at af- fordable prices while helping to prevent globalwarming. “The Green Party believes in a different form of politics; one that puts people and protection of the environment right at the centre. Forus, politics is something people do, not something they have done to them. “Greenswant to build strong, re-

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suring a healthier commu- nity. “We will

fight for re- sponsible housing with the necessary services such as schools and doctors’ surgeries.We will do allwe can to increase pro- vision of truly affordable housing as we do not feel that £800 per month for a two-bedroom prop- erty can be considered affordable. “We are on the side of parents

and we’ll propose a range of poli- cies such as pick-up and drop-off places at schools to end traffic chaos and will protect SureStart centres and children’s activities clubs.”

will ensure that your views and local con- cerns are addressed. We hope to be able to run regular surgeries in W est Malling and Leybourne where at least one of us will be available to listen to residents’ views and concerns. “We are determined that West Malling and Leybourne will be safe, clean and pleasant to live in, and hope you will share our vision for keeping our villages thatway. “Vote Barry Chapple, Mike Mearns and Bob Ulph, your Inde- pendent candidates for West Malling and Leybourne at the bor- ough council elections.”

silient and sustainable communi- ties that support in- dividuals and fami- lies, with decisions being made at the most local level. “Wewant to make local govern-

ment more open and accountable so that people know their council is working for them, not against them.

“Greens will work to protect key services from the cuts proposed by the other parties, especially for the elderly, young people and people with disabilities. “All of our policies are built around people and the environ- ment that supports us.

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