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Conservative candidate Tracey Crouch, Labour’s Claire Leigh, Ukip’s IanWallace and Liberal Democrat Mary Varrall are all hoping for your votes It is all to play for at national poll

AS Britain enters the final weeks in the run-up to the 2015 general election on May 7, the gloves are off, with everything to fight for.

Some of the fiercest battles will

be fought in the key parliamentary marginals in Kent which include Chatham and Aylesford. Here, Tracey Crouch is fighting

to hold the seat she won from Labour five years ago. Miss Crouch has won recognition as a hard- working and popular MP and will be banking on a strong personal vote to increase her previous 6,069 majority. Labour candidate and Medway councillor Tristan Osborne has also been working hard in the con- stituency which is an official target for his party. A Labour stronghold from 1997

to 2010, the constituency has previ- ously been loosely divided with the

Chatham part tending to vote Labour andAylesford going for the Tories. But the presence of five other candidates makes it far less straightforward. Liberal Democrat Thomas Quin-

ton and Ukip’s Ian Wallace are looking to increase their party’s 2010 figures when the Lib Dems won 5,832 votes and Ukip gained 1,314. After the defection of neigh- bouring Tory Mark Reckless in Medway to Ukip, the party expects a much stronger showing. Flying the flag for the Greens,

who polled 396 in 2010, is Luke Balnave. Other candidates are John-Wesley Gibson (Christian People’s Alliance) and Ivor Riddell (Trade Union and Socialist Coali-

Candidates standing for Snodland town council

VOTING will take place for Tonbridge and Malling Council and Snodland Town Council on the same day as the general election – May 7. Anne Moloney, who is chairman of the town council and has been

a borough councillor for eight years, is standing down from the bor- ough but is running for re-election to the town council. She said she has enjoyed being a member of the borough council

but feels she would like to devote her time, if elected, working for the local community and for the town council.

Snodland Town Council candidates Snodland East and Ham Hill (6): Debbie Alford-Smith (Con); Sue Bell (Con); Heidi Boulton (Lab); Luke Chapman (Lib Dem); Dilys Crook (Con); Linda Downes (Con); Jeff Hand (Lab); Sean Henry (Lab); Alan Keeley (Con); Wayne Mallard (Lab); Katherine Morde- cai-Woolf (Con); Stacey Parker (Lab) Snodland West and Holborough Lakes (9): Ryan Batty (Lib Dem); Barbara Brown (Con); Matthew Cradduck (Lib Dem); Barrie Garlick (Con); Bryan Harrod (Lab); Paul Hickmott (Lab); Gillian Hutchinson (Lab); Barbara Keeley (Con); David Keeley (Con); Peter Misy (Con); Anne Moloney (Con); David Purll (Con); Mark Sawkins (Con); Thomas Smith (Lib Dem); Ralph Spence (Con)

For more local news 20

Malling April 2015

tion). In Tonbridge and Malling, for-

mer journalist and Army intelli- gence officer Tom Tugendhat is looking to inherit the ultra-safe Tory seat from Sir John Stanley who is stepping down after four decades. Sir John has held the seat since 1974 and polled a comfortable 18,178 majority at the last election. The sprawling rural seat covers

parts of the Sevenoaks and Ton- bridge and Malling council areas with a swathe of affluent villages includingWest Malling. Representing the Liberal Democ-

rats who finished second last time with 11,545 votes is MaryVarrall,a garden designer who contested Bexhill and Battle in 2005 and 2010.

Tonbridge and Malling Council candidates for wards in the area cov- ered by the Downs Mail are: Aylesford North andWalderslade: MichaelBase(Con);SandraHall(Con); Rizwana Shelley (Lab); Thomas Shelley (Lab); Allan Sullivan* (Con) Aylesford South (2): Steve Hammond (Con); MandyMorrison (LD); Trevor Walker (Con) Ditton (2): TomCannon (Con); Sara Hegarty (Lab); JoMakowski (Green); Shakiba Shelley (Lab); BenWalker (Con) Downs and Mereworth (2): Matthew Balfour* (Con); Ann Kemp* (Con); Jan Prior (Green); Paul Spensley (Ukip) East Malling (2): Kathleen Garlick (Lab); Garry Harrison (Ukip); Charlotte Irving (Green); Daniel Markham (Con); Zeenara Najam (Con); Sarah Palmer (Lab); Roger Roud (LD); Michelle Tatton (LD)

Hadlow and East Peckham (3): Jill Anderson* (Con); Calum Byrne (Green); Howard RogersS(Con); Janet Sergison* (Con); Alan Willock (Ukip) Kings Hill (3): Sarah Barker (Con); Helen Brown (Ukip); Piers Montagu (Con); David Morfill (Lab); Lee O’Toole (Con); DaveWaller (Ind) Larkfield North (2): Trudy Dean (LD); Janet Denbow (Lab);Mike Parry-Waller*

Claire Leigh takes on the contest

for Labour and Rob Izzard hopes to increase Ukip’s 2010 total of 1,911. Howard Porter represents the Greens. All 54 seats on Tonbridge and Malling Council are up for grabs on May 7 as local authorities throughout the country also dis- cover their fate. Currently, Conservatives hold

sway with 47 seats, Lib Dems have four and Labour and Independent each have one seat. Boundary changes come into ef-

fect at this election, when the num- ber of councillors will increase by one from the previous 53 but the total wards will reduce from 26 to 24.


(Con); Russ Taylor (Con); David Thornewell (LD); Joy Wharton (Lab) Larkfield South (2); Timothy Bishop* (LD); Christopher Brown* (Con); Dougie Dick (Con); Samuel Dunstall (Green); David Finn (Lab); Jonathan Finn (Lab); Anita Oakley* (LD) Snodland East and Ham Hill (2): Sue Bell (Con); Luke Chapman (LD); Sean Henry (Lab); David Lettington (Con); WayneMallard (Lab); Paul Rootes (LD); Jeff Tucker (Ukip) SnodlandWest and Holborough Lakes (3): Ryan Batty (LD); Barbara Brown* (Con); Matthew Cradduck (LD); Jeff Hand (Lab); Bryan Harrod (Lab); Paul Hickmott (Lab); David Keeley* (Con); Steven King* (Con); Thomas Smith (LD) Wateringbury (1): Simon Jessel* (Con); Helen Long (Green); Jeremy Teasdale (Lab) West Malling and Leybourne (3): Richard Baker-Howard (LD); Barry Chapple (Ind); Philip Granger (Ukip); Gareth Henry (Lab); Stephen Jackson (Green); Sasha Luck* (Con); Brian Luker* (Con); MichaelMearns (Ind); Richard Selkirk (LD); Sophie Shrubsole* (Con); Yvonne Smyth (LD); Bob Ulph (Ind) *denotes sitting councillor

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