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Congratulations! You’ve made it through January. It’s only 11 months until Christmas now. There are lots of events in February for ya’ll to go to which is smashing. We’re missing small local shows though; where are the exciting new bands? If you’re out there and doing stuff then make yourselves known. CALL TO ARMS!

Go and see this guy with long brown hair play pop songs. I don’t think he’s an actual King but I’m pretty sure he’s a bit odd. King Charles at Te Waterfront on the 2nd.He sort of a pop star but no one knows who he is. It’s quite the feat.

She wot wrote with Ed Sheeran is coming back to NACon the 3rd.Tat’s Leddra Chapmanw/Grant Ley + Lee Broderick. She’s another one actually. A pop star, but no one knows who she is.

Bity Bookerplays with Anto Morra at Te Bicycle Shopalso on the 3rd.“Bity Booker weaves elements of folk, pop and psychedelic whimsy to create brilliant self-penned songs”. Psychedelic whimsy? Bitch, please.

McBustedplay at Te Waterfronton the 4th.Oh, shit, sorry, Neck Deep, I meant Neck Deep. STOP SINGING IN AN AMERICAN ACCENT. Bitch, please, you’re from Wrexham.

“Quirky folk” at Te Bicycle Shopon the 4thin the form of Patch & the Giantand Nick Edward Harris.

Amber Runplay with Pixel Fixat Te Waterfront Studioon the 6th.Tey just

sound like an indie band don’t they? Amber Run, like Kodaline or Red Light Company or Slipknot.

Blackaliciousat Epic Studioson the 6th will be a fun time. I wanna go but I can’t because I’ll be at NACfor Slow Clubon that very same night. No doubt the rest of you will be at the UEAfor Te Kerrang! Tour 2015feat. Don Broco, We Are Te In Crowd and Bury Tomorrow. Te latter being one of the worst band names I’ve ever heard in my life.

punt I reckon.

False Lights play NACalso on the 7th; that folk bloke Jim Moray is in it. Sounds like traditional folk with electric guitars and men in jumpsuits.

Now for something REALLY interesting and exciting. Ibibio Sound Machineplay NACon the 13th.You’re gonna wanna dance to this. Tere’s West African highlife, disco and post- punk vibes. Proper good.

Montagues & Capulets play at OPENalso on the 13th.

✯✯✯✯✯ GRAVY’S TRACK of the

MONTH ✯✯✯✯✯

Lola Colt play Te Waterfront Studioon the 15th.Looks quite interesting, lots of lovely reverb and 60s Ouija board party vibes. Yeah, that’s a thing now.

Mariachi El Bronxare at EPICon the 15th, if you know what you like and you’ll go where you’ll go.


Kings Lynn wonderkids Under Te Influenceplay with Ugly Love, Muskets and Chapter of Wolves at Te Waterfront Studioon the 7th.



Black Label Society + Black Tusk & Crobot play the UEA LCRon the 17th. Anyone who names their band Crobot must be up for

lighting their own farts right?

A Winged Victory for the Sullenplay Epic Studioson the 7th. It’s all a bit saccharine-seeped visually but the music sounds interesting. Worth a

Tere’s an Escalator Music showcase at NACon the 19th featuring Yila & Friends.Yila is a producer and has worked with Scroobius Pip amongst others. Here he brings a huge band and audiovisual extravaganza to Norwich

for the first time. Expect the arts centre to be transformed.

Te Jesus and Mary Chain are at UEAon the 21st. I will never ever say a bad word about this band so don’t even try and make me. You may as well move onto the next sentence.

Good old boy and folk legend Martin Carthyis at the Octagon Chapelon the 25th.

Now this isn’t music related but it’s a show that I have seen before. It enriched my life so I feel obliged to tell you about it. Red Bastardis at NACon the 25th. Tis is interactive performance art. Something interesting genuinely happens every ten seconds. I genuinely found it life affirming, funny, disturbing and moving. GO.

Grant Nicholasplay Te Waterfront Studioalso on the 25th.He's got a brand new car. Looks like a Jaguar.

And my final pick for the month is Tilting Sky presents Jarrod Dickenson at NACon the 28th. I’ve seen this guy before and he’s very pleasurable to watch. He’s from across the pond but has somehow built up a fan base in Norwich. Weird. Jess Morgan and Rory Hill and the Honeymoon play in support.

So ends February’s gig selection, and in the words of the great Karen Smith “You can’t sit with us”.

48 / February 2015/

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