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improve one’s health. Thuss will soon be opening a studio space in Leesburg, but she most often works with clients individually. (See www.katethuss. com.)

When asked about the benefi ts of

yoga, she relays the details of readily available research describing how the practice strengthens back muscles, increases endurance, improves sleep, and

even bolsters one’s immune TWO RIVER TREADS


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system. Some research also shows that yoga can reduce blood pressure, lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, boost HDL (good) cholesterol, lower blood sugar (of relevance to those concerned about diabetes), and ease pain associated with arthritis, fi bromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other disorders. Thuss advocates that yoga has a direct impact on health, but she is also a fi rm believer in the benefi ts of Reiki, a practice that she says has rapidly become one of the most in- demand healing modalities in the United States and around the world. She says that the hands-on healing practice was brought to the West from Japan over 80 years ago, and it is offered by independent practitioners and in hospitals, hospice care settings, spas, and wellness centers through the country. Through vibrational and spiritual modalities that are said


to channel energy through touch, homeostatic balance is restored and a client soon experiences a greater sense of overall well being. Thuss admits that Reiki can be a bit “far-out” for some people, while yoga is much more approachable and familiar; however, she can personally attest to the benefi ts of both practices, and many open-minded clients opt to incorporate both into their health regimens. She explains, “The benefi ts of 304-724-2042 (CT) 304-876-0608 (ST)

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be nurtured.

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be balanced. be strong.


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Reiki are far reaching as well, though less widely known. The Reiki system uses non-invasive, gentle touch to accelerate the body’s natural healing process, support mental and emotional healing, and give an overall sense of profound well-being.” Thuss indicates that, like yoga, Reiki is complementary to anyone’s lifestyle and particular health needs, and the gentle nature of the practice is well suited for pre- and post-operative care in patients undergoing treatment for a wide range of ailments. Indeed, many individuals


experts in the practice of modalities such as yoga and Reiki after being


14 with chronic health

conditions or other ailments that require intervention. Many such individuals

desire their health to manage without prescribed

medications or to, at least, supplement their doctor’s advice with additional information while truly taking charge of their health. Such individuals often fi nd

their way to Brenda Berry, owner of Sacred Celebrations, LLC. Berry playfully calls herself, a Professor of Happiness and Delight (or PHD, for short). She is a Board Certifi ed Holistic Health Practitioner who offers health and spiritual coaching, as well as integrative energy medicine, including Reiki, Shamanic Healing, and WhiteWinds Energetic Healing. (She is also a well-known licensed wedding celebrant with information available on her sites www.sacredcelebrations. net and Berry offers an individualized program that helps clients identify their health and wellness goals before creating a structured plan to achieve them. Being familiar with numerous modalities benefi ts her clients, since the program can be specifi cally tailored to incorporate only the practices with which the client is comfortable. “In my six-month program, I help

clients set realistic goals, create a roadmap to achieve them (one that is specifi c to their needs), and guide them step-by-step along the way,” Berry says. “They learn to be their own healers as they release old behavior patterns while they also adopt new, healthier ways of living. All of this is accomplished through easy nutritional and lifestyle changes (and energetic healing, if desired).” In a world where prescriptions

and medications are seen as the go- to answer for managing health, Berry advocates for a closer examination of how the food we eat infl uences our health. She has received a certifi cation from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, but she readily works with clients who wish to remain under a physician’s care while working simultaneously with a trained health coach. Of her approach she relays, “I teach people how to eat well, nourishing not only their bodies, but also their minds and spirits.” For Berry, the connection between

the health of the body and feeling good is obvious. Similarly, the reverse could be considered true—the health of the mind often impacts the

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