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as we know, there’s no quick- fi x—it’s about developing a new lifestyle.

“I also believe it’s basic

Chris Crawford and Lori Robertson fi x banged-up and broken bodies in Jefferson County through Downstream to Wellness/Capstone Method.

manage to recognize the value of fi nding even the remotest of windows to fi t in some health work during the day, they’ll fi nd it easier and easier to stay inspired. “Even if it’s just for ten minutes a day, the consistency of that

habit helps encourage them to grow additional

healthy healthy

habits.” As far as why so many people

tend to back out of their New Year’s resolutions, Mastrangelo sees a potential pattern with folks often attacking their goals with too much enthusiasm. “Often, I’ll see people start the new year super motivated—and they’ll dive in at two hundred percent, and quickly burn out.

I’ll also see people who are results driven get frustrated when things aren’t happening quickly enough for them— causing them to give up.” She tries to encourage people to take the “long view,” and stay determined

even if results

aren’t happening immediately. Wes Karns, manager of Gold’s

Gym in Charles Town, agrees with the consistency angle and

understands that most people struggle in the early going because it’s a collision of conditions. “Basically, in the beginning, there’s no secret answer—it’s just about increasing your activity,” he explained. “There’s no pill, or one right workout for everyone;

human psychology. They say it takes about three weeks to develop or start to change a behavior, and/or create a new habit. Unfortunately, those fi rst few weeks in the gym, or exercising in general, are the most challenging.” In over a decade at Gold’s/ Charles Town, Karns has seen this scenario play out countless times, and knows that people only need to push through that fi rst few weeks, and then it becomes much easier to make that lifestyle change a part of their daily routines. As far as any unique approaches he sees for folks who need some help? “Getting folks involved in group exercise activities, classes, or even just working out with a buddy, I think,

is critical. It’s easier

to develop accountability; there’s a sense of belonging, even community, and that’s huge when you’re just getting started.”

Jennifer Seeley, the group exercise/personal training


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