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What will your child learn at Globe and how will he/she be taught?

The provision we offer is guided by the requirements of the National Curriculum and the requirements of the Local Authority, Tower Hamlets.

Our provision takes into account every aspect of a child’s development. The Curriculum gives the children the opportunity to the highest possible standards of English and Mathematics. To enable children to develop socially, morally, physically, emotionally and spiritually we provide stimulating learning environments in which children are encouraged to learn through their own experiences and apply their knowledge independently. Within this framework of a broad and balanced curriculum, the individual needs of each child are met through well planned and varied learning challenges, including visits and specialist tuition.

Learning in the Early Years (Nursery and Reception)

Children in Nursery and Reception very quickly learn to transfer and apply skills provided by the Early Years Curriculum.

The prime areas of the Early Years curriculum are:

• Personal, social and emotional development (making relationships; self-confidence and self- awareness; managing feelings and behaviour)

• Communication and language (listening and attention; understanding; speaking) • Physical development (moving and handling; health and self-care)

The specific areas of the Early Years curriculum are: •

Literacy (reading; writing)

• Mathematics (numbers; shape, space and measures) • Understanding the world (people and communities; the world; technology)

• Expressive arts and design (exploring and using media and materials; being imaginative)

Right from the start at Globe children are given a carefully structured and balanced education using whatever methods and groupings are required to ensure success in learning. Staff at Globe have developed a rich and engaging curriculum and we would be delighted to discuss any aspects or to show the curriculum being taught to enthusiastic and motivated children.

Learning to read, write and be numerate We place great importance in developing children’s skills in reading, writing and number. We believe that these are foundations to future learning. We use a published literacy scheme to develop children’s reading and writing in Early Years and Key Stage 1, whilst using a systematic approach to the development of core number skills.

Once children are familiar with the mechanics of reading and writing, and know basic number facts and calculation operations, our curriculum offers them the opportunity to apply and further develop these skills in a wide range of contexts.

More often than not, pupils are taught English and Mathematics in flexible ability groups which best match their needs and stages of development.

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