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COMMUNITY Supporting your child’s learning

When you enrol your child at Globe, we will ask you to sign a home-school agreement. This document represents our shared commitment to work in partnership to ensure the best care and education for your child. In addition to attending performances and events your child participates in, we ask you to demonstrate your commitment to working in partnership with us by attending individual meetings about your child, parent workshops about the curriculum, family events and supporting your child with home learning.

Community House and Parent Courses

We are fortunate to have a community house in the grounds of the school. Hartley House is used for parent and community activities. English classes, a Toy Library, and cooking courses are just some of the activities that take place. School staff and parents take responsibility for planning and organising the activities. Information about current courses is displayed in the school playground and on the school website.

Friends of Globe

All parents are invited to join the Friends of Globe (FOG) group. This group takes a lead in planning whole school events and fund raising activities. The group reflects the diversity within our school and parents from all backgrounds work together to complement what the school provides, making children’s experiences at Globe even more fun and varied. For example, Saturday mornings at Globe are as busy as every other day of the week with children of all ages able to participate in sports sessions and other activities organised by the Friends of Globe Parents.

Communicating and expressing your views

We use a number of methods to share information with parents. These include letters and newsletters, text messages, emails, blogs, twitter and our school website. When we want to share or discuss a more personal or confidential matter, we may invite you into school for a meeting.

Members of staff are always available in the playground before and after school for you to talk to briefly. Sometimes there is not time, or it may not be appropriate to have discussions with parents in the playground. You can leave a message at the school office or arrange to meet the member of staff at another time.

Governors and members of staff are interested to know what parents think about how the school is run. Each year a questionnaire is sent out to parents to collect views.

Concerns and complaints

Like you, every member of staff at Globe wants your child to be happy, safe, thriving and enjoying every aspect of school life. If something is bothering you or your child, we hope to deal with it before it becomes a growing concern. In the first instance, talk to a member of staff to avoid misunderstandings and to help us address any issues.

Subsequently, if you do not think your concern is being dealt with, make an appointment to speak to Ms. Maxwell or one of the Senior Leaders. Hopefully they will be able to deal with the matter to your mutual satisfaction.

If, however, you are still not happy and wish to make an official complaint, you can write to the Chair of Governors and address the letter as care of the school. The letter should outline the reason(s) for your complaint and why you are still not happy. After investigating the matter, the Chair of Governors will respond to your letter in writing.

If you are not satisfied with the response from the Governing Body then you are entitled to write to OFSTED – Office for Standards in Education.

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