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‘Behaviour and

attitudes to learning are exemplary.’ (OFSTED 2013)

‘Pupils work extremely well together in pairs or small groups, discussing what they have to do very sensibly and helping each other overcome any difficulties.’ (OFSTED 2013)

‘Behaviour in the playground is excellent. The pupils get on well with each other and play safely and collaboratively.’ (OFSTED 2013)

‘Monitoring of behaviour is outstanding and parents and carers are well informed about the behaviour of their children.’ (OFSTED 2013)

‘I think the school rules are really well laid out to both parents and children. Not sure how they do it but there is a real feel of togetherness in this school. (Parent survey 2014)

Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality is vital if children are to do their best and make good progress. Children must attend school every day unless they are ill. The Government’s minimum standard for a primary school’s attendance is 95% - however, our expectation is much higher than this.

Children learn important attitudes when they are young. If you let them know it is important to be at school every day, on time, then this will influence their approach to life and work in later years.

All children are expected to be in the playground at 8:50am ready to line up for class at 8:55am. Any time after 8:55am is recorded as late and parents are required to give reasons for lateness and to attend meetings with the Headteacher if there is persistent lateness.

When children are ill parents must inform us on the first day of absence, preferably by calling before school starts. If an absence is not reported by a parent then we are duty bound to investigate that absence and if no reason is given then it becomes an unauthorised absence. If there are a significant number of absences, parents are required to meet the Local Authority’s Attendance Welfare Officer. In cases of serious persistent absences then Courts Orders are issued.

Holidays in term time are not permitted and the school complies with the National policy where fines are issued to families when children are taken out of school for more than three consecutive days for a holiday or other reason. This policy can be found on our school website at

These are rare occurrences as we work extremely hard to promote the importance of good attendance and punctuality amongst parents and children. We reward children weekly and termly for good attendance and punctuality with a variety of certificates, awards and treats. Globe is one of the schools within our Local Authority with consistently high attendance.

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