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July is exciting because it’s sunny and it’s

my birthday and there are BBQs and I’ll wear dungarees and scuff up my Ray Bans and

use my beer cooler and listen to Pavement on tiny speakers in the park. You’re all invited.

Cody Simpsonwill be simpering his way through a headline set on the 1st Julyat Te Waterfront.Te “song writing sensation” and buff boy next door supported Justin Bieber on tour and now he’s going it alone. Do with that what you will.

On the2nd,go check out Heritage Blues Quintet + Space Eagleat NAC, featuring “jazz-infused horn arrangements”, I’ll go and see any band named Space Eagle anyway.

Brian Jonestown Massacre play Te Waterfront on the 2nd.Tis band ain’t never been to Norwich before. Like, WTF? Even Jimmy Hendrix made it to Dereham.

Tim Grimmwho might be dim and probably slim will bring his thing with its folky ring to Te Bicycle Shopon the 2nd.

John Hegleywill sing about celery at NACon the3rd.

Hannah Scott (Bicycle Shop, 3rd) has found her “own little corner of Italy” in her new record label. Is this allowed? Someone needs to do something…call the police or something.

I’ve decided not to put covers bands in here because 1) I can do what I want 2) Tey’re most well embarrassing 3) listen to

the record.

I reserve the right change my mind if the name is slammin’ or it’s Rumours of Fleetwood Mac.

Vain + Red's Cool play at Te Waterfront Studioon the 6th. I think this is R O C K or something.

Te Slackersplay the Te Owl Sanctuaryon the 7th. I went there and it was super and all the people there are nice and I will be going there a lot because it’s nice.

Te Perch Creek Family Jugbandplay Te Bicycle Shop on the 8th. Te amount that this band name gets on my nerves is completely irrational.

Te Grazing Saints Sanctuaryon the 10th.

Te Rainbow Girls + Marty O’Reilly & Te Old Soul Orchestraplay NACon the 10th.“Don’t be fooled by the floaty dresses and the sunny Californian disposition”. I’m often fooled by summer wear colloquialisms.


Steve Harris British Lion + Te Raven Ageplay at Te Waterfronton the 8th.Steve is from Iron Maiden. I went to uni with one of their nephews. I think he wore hiking boots.

Cakes & Ale / George Morgan / Andy Skellamall play Te Bicycle Shopon the 9th.

Demonic Resurrection + De Profundis + Aeolist + Silence, Te Defiler are at Te Owl

Te Tilting Sky presents Te Tinking Men + Secret From Richard+ more at NAC on the 11th.Te headliners won that Next Big Ting comp wot Ed Sheeran won a few years ago, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Kiran Leonardis well good and he plays at

Epic Studioson the 15th, Go see him, it’s a treat.

Citizen + Diamond Youth + Headroomplay Epic Studios on the 16th.Tey have a “Midwestern personality”. I don’t know what that means.

Te Dub Pistols play Te Owl Sanctuaryon the 17th.

Sure to hit the big time band Slaves play Epic Studioson the 18thwith support from tremendous lewcal boyz, Bald Wife.


I will be there, it is my birthday on the Friday, please meet me at my tent 10 am with espresso, cigarette, pastry and birthday banner. Tx.

On the 25thNAChosts the Pony Up Summer Party Part 2 feat. Rose Windows.Tis band are incredible, they’re a new Sub Pop signing, psych rock from Seattle. Tere will be many more bands (including Emily Winngand Te Grazing Saints) plus food, booze, fire and fun. All for a fiver. C A N ‘ T W A I T.

Nuru Kanesounds quite good you know and he’ll be at Te Bicycle Shopon the 29th. Nice bit of Moroccan inspired music mate.

Lower Tan Atlantis + Decade + Yearbookplay Epic Studios on the 30thand on the 31st One for the Road presents Montagues & Capulets@ NAC. Nice bit of lewcal stuff there for you to finish up my birthday month.

Love love love

44 / July 2014/

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