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You played at the Isle of Wight festival on Friday; how was that? Yes it was cool, my first time playing at that festival.

Do you find it works best for you playing inside a venue or outside at a festival? I play more ‘inside music’, but what’s good about festivals is they take you out of your comfort zone and you have to find a way of making it work, so I don’t mind the challenge!

Your EP Strange Weather is out soon; how did you come to make the choices for the covers that you have done? When I choose covers, they are songs that have just spoken to me, that I feel some connection to, and that I want to interpret myself. I wanted there to be a wide variety of songs for this covers EP; that’s why there are both old and new songs on there. I’m always thinking about other songs I’d like to cover in the future so I’m sure there’ll be some more.

How was it working with David Byrne on the title track from this EP? It was amazing. I really enjoyed seeing the way he works; he doesn’t really have an ego and he doesn’t worry about the recording process as an experienced artist so that was really inspiring to see. Some people have been lucky enough to have really amazing careers but I felt equally valid; it’s about how you react to the music you hear and every opinion is important. I didn’t feel inhibited in expressing myself just because he’s had more experience than me.

Someone else you’ve worked with in a different field was when you modelled for the designer Karl Lagerfeld; were you terrified to meet him? I was more curious and intrigued than terrified. It was very interesting as we were there for several hours

before he arrived doing hair and make up and then when he turned up everyone rushed about going “Karl’s here! Karl’s here!”, but he himself was very calm and didn’t seem to realise the stress around him of people trying to please him.




Your look is very important to you; not just your dress but your overall style in general. Where did your black and red flamenco stage outfit and tied back hair originate from? I just wanted to find a way to express the passion in my music and flamenco outfits reflect the same in flamenco music and I love flamenco, so that’s why I adopted it. It’s a direct response to the music, so if my musical style changes in the future, my dress may change also.

Have you always been interested in epic and theatrical things? I like a lot of opera and classical music as well as David Bowie, and so this sort of romantic and emotional music really speaks to me.

What have you been able to achieve on your most recent album One Breath that you weren’t able to on your debut album?

It’s been logical development from one to another and I had more of a chance to explore my interest in heavier guitars and more orchestral sounding music on this album. It felt more like playing with the music this time around.

Your first album took 2 years to complete and your second only 6 weeks. Which felt more natural for you? Once I gained more experience I was able to speed the process up, and thinking about it now I think 2 years was maybe a bit too long; I am glad I proved to myself that I didn’t need that long to record an album.

Do you write whilst you’re on tour or do you need to have specific writing conditions to work in? I like to write on my own so usually when I’m on tour I just write ideas down, but my actual writing takes place at home.

You’ve been compared to PJ Harvey amongst others. Who do you think has influenced you most in your music and who do you think is particularly good at the moment? I’d say the artist I’ve been listening to the longest is David Bowie. He can manipulate his voice for different songs and I really like that in a singer. I’ve never met him but I’d be scared if I did! As a songwriter he’s unbelievable. I’m really liking Blood Oranges’ new record at the moment.

How did you get together with Mally and Dave who play regularly with you? Mally’s been a friend for years, I’ve played with her for at least a decade. Te drummer Dave I met through another friend and he plays with Air and John Cale; he’s a really incredible drummer. I also have a keyboardist with me on this tour. It’s a small world of contacts in London, we all know each other.

Do you like touring? Do you have a most memorable gig that you’ve / July 2014 / 13

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