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clothing design can align perfectly with the colors, shapes, substances and energies of feng shui’s five elements. Because feng shui connects divine energy to physical form, I realized I could dress my client’s spirits, as well as their surfaces.” Fashion Feng Shui, Maggiore’s international corporate

legacy, maintains that combining intention and the five ele- ments with awareness of our personal style attracts what we desire. Holistic image and lifestyle consultant and lead train- er Andréa Dupont, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, states that the first step is discovering our “essence”, or primary element. “You can’t dress yourself until you know yourself. I ask clients, ‘If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?’ Once we establish an individual’s inner strengths and core element, the results can be life changing.”

Green Choices

For Denise Medved, of Hendersonville, North Carolina, owner of Feng Shui Style, wardrobe consciousness shows respect for our individuality and the environment. “When I choose to dress in natural fibers such as cottons, leathers, silks or wools, or their vegan complements in manmade fibers, it represents the life force of plants and animals and builds qi, or energy,” says Medved. She suggests assembling an outfit embracing three of the five elements. “A water/wood/fire triad might be black, woven, silk trousers; an organic, cotton, floral print shirt; and a red, recycled wool jacket. Personalizing this with the surprise of grandmother’s yellow stone pin on the lapel adds creative flair and earth and metal elements.” Nature’s jew- elry energizes and circulates qi.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Practicing the three basic tenets of sustainability together with principles of feng shui keeps our wardrobe and closet resonating with life. Consultants agree that a wardrobe rep- resenting the five elements allows endless possibilities of cre- ative combinations and reduces the need for having to keep up with new fashion trends. Shopping for such treasures at consignment and thrift stores, plus estate sales, allows us to reuse and repurpose clothing, energizing our budgets, closets and attitudes. Recycling items that pack closets and no longer suit our needs frees space and energy to create a wardrobe that is authentically ours. The Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui, by Gill Hale, also contains helpful advice for bringing out an intended inner message and making a statement. The color green con- veys the wood element, or individuals that are public spirited and energetic. Red suggests fire, the color of inspiring lead- ers. Supportive and loyal earth personalities gravitate to khaki, while resolute, metal people may select grey. Natural communicators that view life holistically will be reflected in the water element of black. A feng shui philosophy provides guidelines for living in harmony with the natural world and in conscious awareness of life. Each choice expresses a stylistic living intention that will be noticed by the world.

Gail Condrick is an archetypal consultant and Nia Technique faculty member. Connect at

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Feng Shui Fashion

Dress for a desired outcome at any event or in any situation by using the right combination of elements. These are the elements and their colors/patterns:

Wood: green, lighter blues, plants and flower imagery Fire: red, pink, sharp angles Earth: yellow, orange, brown, circular patterns Metal: white, gray, metallic fabrics, square and rectangular patters

Water: black, dark blue, and wavy lines

Career advancement: incorporate the elements earth, metal and water into a wardrobe.

Fame and reputation: use water, wood and fire or earth, water and fire to get people talking. Love and partnership: spice things up with a wood, fire and earth or metal, wood and earth combination.

Most importantly, clothing should reflect our identity and make us feel good about ourselves.

Stephanie Surach is a feng shui practitioner, a profes- sional member of the International Feng Shui Guild and owner of Nine Star Feng Shui, in Jersey City. For more information, visit See Resource Guide on page 42.

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