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Past Life Regression Produces Unique Results by Debra Huelsebusch P

ast-life regression is used today in mod- ern psychology and

psychiatry, and is becom- ing more mainstream all the time. The Law of At- traction also works well with past-life regression. The idea is that by know- ing the cause, we can release the effect. We can forgive ourself and others with this new understand- ing, releasing false karma and false guilt, right now, in this life.

Past-life regression is

an extremely powerful and dynamic way to go within and connect with our inner knowing to make positive changes in our modern-day life. We all have lived many roles in many lifetimes, and that has an influence on who we are today. It explains in part why we are drawn to certain cul- tures, professions, hobbies, people and relationships. Our soul stores the memories of these lifetimes, but we are in charge of our desire for evolution and what we do to achieve our self-mastery by learning from our past. During the past-life regression process, clients are sup- ported in getting valuable information about what they need to know for growth at this time. They will get the opportunity to learn about their karmic patterns and gifts, and may find that there are certain people in their lives that you have a familiarity about them, indicating that past lives were shared. Then, valuable information about the pasts relationships can be revealed.

Potential benefits of past-life regression include feeling more resolved around a running patterns; releasing the ties that bind you through forgiveness; feeling lighter spiritually; gaining clarity about what is happening in your life; feeling more connected spiritually; learning valuable lessons for your growth; understanding why you are attracted to dif- ferent things that effect your life; unlocking hidden talents; feeling more at peace; and karmic release of certain energy patterns.

During a typical session, which usually lasts three hours or longer, if necessary, the practitioner will work with the client on a particular goal or focus to pinpoint what would have the most impact on them during their regres- sion. They will be in a very relaxed state. They will be led

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To make an appointment or to learn more about this, call Debra Huelsebusch at 201-239-8126. See Resource Guide on page 42.

through one or two past lives depending on how the session goes. They will be in touch with their higher guidance and get information that pertains to their life now. The client may be asked to do some forgiveness work or energy work during the session to free them up. The client is given a past-life sum- mary after the session.

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