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INTEGRATIVE WELLNESS CLINIC Lupe Gonzales – Licensed Acupuncturist 7959 Broadway 210-823-1292

We offer a holistic and integra- tive approach through an exten- sive understanding of alterna- tive and Western medicines and therapies. Services include acupuncture, detox programs, weight loss programs, oriental

herbal medicine, and stress and pain management. See display ad on page 33.


3201 Cherry Ridge St., Ste. 205-A 210-858-7523, Jamilina is a holistic health educational in- stitute that em- phasizes well-

ness promotion rather than disease management. Our focus is empowering people the greater San Antonio area to take responsibility for their health by learning to make wise healthcare choices, engag- ing in activities that promote wellness and longevity, and reducing behaviors that lead to disease and chronic illness. See display ad on page 18.

LIFE MOTIVATIONS Elizabeth Keller, NP Holistic Nurse Practitioner 210-473-1619 Services offered include weight loss with HCG, bioidentical hormone replace- ment, counseling and life coaching, in- tegrative psychiatry and functional medicine.


Barbara McNeely, Natural Health Coach 210-383-5842

Mariposa Naturals focuses on providing each client better health, naturally. We specialize in natural whole foods detoxes, health coaching for headaches, migraines and more. Also offering expertise in chemical sensitivity. See display

ad on page 36.

NEUROMUSCULAR PAIN & NUTRITION CENTER 8607 Wurzbach Rd, Bldg R 210-558-3112 Natural health and healing center offering acupuncture, massage therapy, structural balancing, Ayurvedic body treatments, yoga, qigong and Tai-Chi. See display ad on page 47.

THE CENTER FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE 7300 Blanco Rd, #503 210-733-0990 Experience and care are found within this group of indepen-

dent practitioners working together with your best interest in mind. Come experience a more integra- tive approach to care, where an MD, homeopath and psychologist cooperate, and where specialists in nutrition, body work, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and other therapies work together to treat the whole person. See display ad on page 6.

THE DAO OF INTEGRATIVE HEALTH Fred Chavez, MQP 210-393-4016 Medical Qigong Therapy, tai chi and qigong. See display ad on page 18.


JUICER HEROES AND ELEVATE LIFE 15337 San Pedro, 210-233-9958

Juicer Heroes provides a menu of the freshest fruit and vegetable juices with varieties for every taste. Through the Elevate LIFE Wellness Program, Juicer Heroes helps people of all ages improve their health and THRIVE. See display ads on page 24 and 27.

MULTIMEDIA EARTH STUDIO Facebook/earthstudiodesign Join us on Facebook for green living tips and updates.



Sloan Gunter, Founding Member 830-998-4500, Custom shirts. Custom shoes. Custom homes. Custom anything is always better than a “one size fits all” approach. How about custom-made nutritional supplements? Let us help you create a

daily nutritional program designed specifically for you. Learn how you can live life by your design with a revolutionary health and wellness company. Contact me immediately. See display ad on page 28.


C-ME-CHANGE - CHRISTA EMRICK Teaching gourmet raw food classes. See our website for full list of classes, potlucks and more. See display ad on page 15.


READINGS BY KATHLEEN Available through Unlimited Thought Bookstore

210-525-0693 to schedule a reading.

Offering individual readings by appointment through the channel most convenient for you: face-to-face, phone, instant messenger/text, email or Skype. Available for parties or special events. See display ad on page 30.



SUSAN SEYDLER, Reiki Master, LMT 210-325-6145 Offering guidance, clarity, balance and

healing through intuitive coaching, bodywork, energy work and Reiki. Each session is customized for you. Reiki classes also available.

CAROLYN MALONEY Registered Reiki Teacher REIKI SAN ANTONIO 210-289-9722

I have been a Reiki Teacher/Sensei since 1995, teaching locally, and an Adjunct Instructor at SAC, Nursing from 1998 to 2011. Reiki San Antonio is built on the principles of ethics, honor, quality and providing reliable service. Our diversified range in teaching continues to grow by following trends, improving our standards, and listening to the students and clients.


CERTIFIED ADVANCED ROLFER® 210-320-ROLF (7653) Improve your body and your health! Rolfing Structural Integration is a system of bodywork that improves posture, decreases tension, stretches and reorganizes your body’s connective tissue. With 15+ years as a certified practitioner, Belinda Essey can help remove the stress patters from your body and promote structural integration. See display ad on page 34.


focuses on integrative deep tissue

holistic bodywork. Kathleen has offices in San Anto- nio, Boerne and the Hill Country. Rolfing helps you to feel better and stronger. It realigns/balances the body, relieves aches and pains, improves posture, increases flexibility and athletic performance, and reduces stress. A natural choice solution that will have you feeling better and standing taller. See display ad on page 19. March 2014 45

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