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Learn the Healthful Benefits of Adding Lemon Oil to Your Diet by Ashley Stone


ave you ever squeezed the rind of

a lemon and had that wonderful lemony aroma linger on your hand afterwards? You have just experienced an essential oil! Plants create essential oils to protect themselves; in essence, essential oils are part of a plant’s defense system. The oils protect the plant from things like predators and unfavorable conditions within their environment. These concentrated complex properties are nature’s gift to us because we can use essential oils to help protect and heal our bodies. Take lemon oil, for example. The

all-natural alkalizing effect of certified pure therapeutic-grade lemon essential oil has a very powerful detoxifying effect that can purge toxins from your blood and help

remove harmful compounds from your body. Many people

believe lemons are acidic, but inside

your body lemons are an incredibly powerful alkaline food that can help balance your body’s pH. Lemon oil has also been shown to improve

your digestive function; it also acts as a mild diuretic and is loaded with healthy elements that help boost your immune function. Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are very effective at dissolving petrochemical buildup within your body. Why is that important? Your body is constantly bombarded with petrochemicals that it knows are harmful. To protect us, our bodies manufacture fat cells to capture and store these toxic chemicals. These fat cells are pushed as far away from vital organs as possible to protect our organs and immune system.

You can harness the powerful,

healthy fat-fighting benefits of ingestible lemon essential oil by adding 3-4 drops into a small glass of water every morning on an empty stomach. This can be repeated throughout the day. Be sure that your drink container is made of glass or stainless steel, not plastic. The health benefits of lemon

oil (therapeutic grade, ingestible) are attributed to its stimulating, calming, anti-infectious, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, sleep inducing and anti-fungal properties. Here’s an experiment you can try

to see the how effective therapeutic grade citrus oils are at dissolving petrochemicals. Drop 3-5 drops into a styrofoam cup and watch the results. Prepare to be amazed. Your metabolism will thank you for using a citrus oil like lemon in your daily routine. You will also have the side benefit of feeling invigorated, and your mood will be enhanced when you use them internally.

Ashley Stone is a nutrition and health coach who promotes the use of doTERRA products to restore

health, recover from deficiencies and address disease. She is a master herbalist of 20 years and healed herself of Stage 3 cervical cancer 15 years ago. For more information about Stone and doTERRA products, visit or call 210-843-5179.

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