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foreight weeks.Worksofthisnaturewill cost between£6-10,000,yet theliftwillbein thesamegeneral conditioninall theother areas,whichcould lead to furtherfailuresand expense!


Commissiona survey If in doubt, have theliftsurveyed. An independentsurveyreportisthemost cost effective waytocheck on thecurrent condition, future life spanand potential expenditureoverthe short,mediumor long term. With constant changes in both technology and regulations, it is difficult to keep abreastofbothand to ensure that the best value is always being obtained fromthe lift industry.Thisiswhere an independent

2 case sTudy

Before (below) andafter (left):the lift replacement improved all aspects of the lift,including making the lift shaft a safer and easier place to work. This improves maintenance andreduces therisktolift operatives

lift consultancycan providemeasured, professional advice on the“must haves” along with thespecificperformance of equipment andcontractors alike.Aqualifiedlift consultant will: n Assess theconditionofasingleliftorofa wholeportfolio n Analysethe lift requirements of abuilding n Specifyareplacement or refurbishmentto give themaximumvalueallowed within the budgetaryconstraints of theclient Whileconsultants cansometimes be

viewed as an added expense, an expert in a certain field will oftenobtain thebest value fromtheparametersthey’ve beengiven, which will frequently outweigh the fees they would charge for their services. Independent survey reports by a

lift consultant will offer guidance on which course of action to take, possibly

recommending refurbishmentover replacement, but always highlighting key areastoaddress to ensure theliftdoesnot fail throughneglect.Asurveyreportwilllookat thecurrent conditionofliftequipment and highlightoperational issues, typicalenergy consumptionvalues, predicted life spanand recommendationswithassociatedbudget costing.

Step ConsuLting 3

witH residents Duetothe costsassociatedwithmajor workstolifts,ifitbecomes clearthatalift refurbishment/replacement is needed, the projectwillrequire theSection 20 Notice (as amendedbythe Commonhold&Leasehold Reform Act 2002) to be implemented. This iswhen the plans for the lift works need to be clearlyidentified andexplained to the leaseholders,explainingwhy theworks are to be undertaken andwhattheyare planning to achieve, outliningthe budget costsand timescales for the works. The correct level of information to

leaseholders is critical at this stageto ensure theprojectiswellreceivedand can be accepted by all. Oftenmajor workscost substantial sumsofmoney,which canbean emotivesubject,but well produced evidence andplans canensurethe reason forthe works is clearlydemonstrated. Propertymanagers andRMCSs should ensure thatmeetings areheldatthe earliest possible stagetoget buy-in fromresidents. Anyonewho is not able to attendmeetings should be informed of progress viaemail or leafleting to ensure theconsultationprocessisclear,effectiveand carried outtomeetstatutory requirements.

Step 111Harley street,London

Onbehalf of JeremyJames&Company Limited

Details of project Afive- stop,1960s traction lift,poorlymaintained andno longer complianttocurrent legislation wassurveyed andrecommended for replacement. The projectwas specified andtendered, with three of thefivetender returnswithin thebudget costsoutlinedin thesurvey. Aliftcontractorwas appointed and undertook theworks to replace the lift,includingall remedial buildingworks required. Theliftwas outofservice foraneight

week period,consistentwiththe original advised timescale. The projectwas finished withinthe outlined budgetcosts, with no unwelcomeextras. total project valuewas £70,000


speCifiCationrigHt Acorrectly specified levelofworks has twodistinctbenefits.First it ensuresthe requirements of theclientare clearlylisted to provide aliftthatmeets andoften exceeds the level of expectation. Second, it ensures that only thoseareas that need attention areaddressed.Itiseasytothrow thebaby out with the bath water here and replace too much,which theflat owners will need to pay for. Provided a specification is clear in intent, thecorrect pricingfrom theliftcontractors canbeachieved,whichresults in savings for the residents in the long run. Your lift consultant will draw up afullspecification foryourproject, to ensure contractuallyand technicallythe requirements of thebuilding, client and passengers are adhered to.

Step findtHe 5

rigHt ContraCtor It is always recommendedthatcontractors

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