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Healing Sessions with the Ascended Masters


eeling lost about your spiritual direc- tion? Attached to negative energies? Seeking clarity and direction? Suffering from stress, addictions and heart break?” asks Reverend AliceAnn.

Those facing any of the above issues may find that working with the Ascend-

ed Masters in a Spiritual Healing Session with Rev. AliceAnn could assist them in leading a healthier and more adjusted life. “All of us are making very important life choices at this present time,” says Rev. AliceAnn. “We might be experienc- ing relationship or financial changes, inner growth, life-long patterns that are changing without any explanation, dreams coming through with powerful messages or disruption in diet, sleep and work patterns.” According to Rev. AliceAnn, all of these signs can be part of the ascension process. “The Ascended Masters are able to help you see and release all that you ‘wish’ to release, letting go of old patterns and forces that affect your spiritual life.” Reverend AliceAnn channels Master Hilarion, who works on the inner plane; Master Serapis Bey, who assists to define, correct, and release patterns or blocks; and Master Kuthumi who works on the higher planes to guide those on the path of liberation. “None of these Masters will ‘interfere’ with your free will or life choices but they will guide you to a place of inner truth and clarity,” says Reverend AliceAnn. “This is neither therapy nor a miracle cure; you are the Divine being guiding the healing process.”

To make an appointment or to learn more, visit OakRos- See ad on page 27.

New Healthy Product Line P

hyto Trans is a new company created by Bradford Kent Hayes, a brilliant

young chemist with vision and inspira- tion. The company manufactures 100 percent natural plant-based health and beauty products for people and animals. The rich combination of shea butter and natural essential oils in many of the prod- ucts utilizing only pure and non-diluted ingredients, make this line very healing and therapeutic. The line consists of skin, body and hair serums and tonics. “Initial test results over the last nine months have brought about testimonials of radiant skin, shiny hair, improvement of aches and pains and a more relaxed state of being,” says Hayes. According to Hayes, Phyto Trans is currently working

with many people all over the world that are growing the plants used in these products. The growing and harvesting of plants is done in a sacred manner that the Lakota people have shared with Hayes. “Proceeds from Phyto Trans will be

natural awakenings May 2013 9

used to support the Lakota and other indigenous people,” says Hayes. The line is launching with Skin Tonic, a 2-ounce jar of cream designed to treat dry skin and wrinkles. “Monthly introductions of new products will follow,” confirms Hayes. All Phyto Trans products are plant-based and no animals are used in testing.

For more information, call 505-506-0455 or go to Phyto- See ad on page 19.

Photon Energy Presentation in Santa Fe

oin Gary Plapp, former NASA life sci- ences engineer, speaker, writer, inventor and master dowser who has researched photon energy for over 17 years, for a Photon Energy presentation being held from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 26 in Santa Fe. Plapp’s presentation offers an op-


portunity to adjust our view and create an uplifting sense of the future. His commitment is to empower others to create positive change. “2013 is all about new beginnings and cre- ating a foundation for the things we want to see in the new paradigm,” says Plapp. “The availability of photon energy heralds a period of opportunity, cleansing, releasing the old, and a new earth paradigm.”

According to Plapp, photon energy is an intense light energy belt, consisting of several bands that earth is presently passing through on its 24,000-mile spiral through space. “This energy has many significant positive effects that include cleansing, healing, life-enhancing activation, structuring water, raising consciousness, facilitating a dimensional shift, neutralizing man-made pollution of all kinds, and raising the vibration of the planet,” says Plapp.

Cost: $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Location: 505 Camino de los Marquez, Santa Fe. For more information visit To RSVP, leave a message at 505-982-8549 or e-mail

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