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Aging is not lost youth but a new

stage of opportunity and strength. ~Betty Friedan

Bicycling is fun, safe and easier and faster than any other mode of transportation. It saves me money, makes me healthy and above all else, brings me joy every day.

~ Elly Blue

and found those that used bikes had a 20 to 50 percent lower risk of earlier mortality than their non-regularly exer- cising counterparts. They also boasted reduced rates of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease (American Journal of Epidemiology). Studies published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health further found that countries with higher numbers of bik- ing or walking commuters have lower obesity rates.

Cycling boons transcend health benefits, expanding social circles for example, Blue and Strobel agree. “I was introduced to a whole new community,” Strobel recalls of her time in Portland with new cycling friends that she joined for group rides and camping trips. Blue suggests finding fellow

cyclists by seeking riding groups online PUT AN END TO YOUR PAIN

Dr. Emu’s Rx for Pain delivers safe and effective relief from:

• Arthritis Pain • Stiff Joints • Cramps

• Knee, Neck & Back Pain • Inflammation & Swelling • Tired, Sore Muscles • Headaches

• Strains & Sprains • General Aches & Pains

IT’S TIME TO START LIVING AGAIN! Experience All-Natural Pain Relief Like I Did


or participating in charity rides. She ob- serves that cycling can instill a greater sense of community, because it’s easier to stop and interact with others. Cycling also makes people green-

er and leaner. It reduces gas and car maintenance costs, while keeping pol- luting vehicles off the road, observes Strobel, who cleared college and other debt by making her life transformation. “There are just so many benefits

to bicycling, and they are all really big things that contribute to the quality of life,” advises Strobel. “It feels so good to be on my bike and just slow down. In my old life, I was moving at such a fast pace that I didn’t even notice the change of seasons. With cycling, you notice everything.” For biking and other life-simplify-

ing tips, follow both women on their blogs: Blue at and Strobel at archives. Find equipment specifically designed for women by industry pioneer Georgena Terry at

Freelance journalist Debra Melani writes about health care and fitness from Lyons, CO. Connect at Debra or

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Dr. Emu’s Rx for Pain:

“It totally resolved by back issues and knee pain in one day. I had back surgery twice and one knee replacement. I still had intense pain and my doctor said I would have to live with it. I use it every night and in the morning and I have not had pain in months. Thank you for a life- saving product.” Darlene Masters “I ... was amazed at how good this is. It has taken away the pain from my hip/leg/ankle and reduced the swelling in my ankles I get every summer. Thank you!” Patty Mullins

“I was told about this by my doctor’s office. It truly helped my back and knee pain. It is a little costly but well worth the extra cost over others in discount stores. It works so well, I don’t even need to use it as much now. Thank you for bringing it to us.”

All-Natural Ingredients Include:

• Certified Emu Oil • Aloe Vera • MSM

• Glucosamine • Chondroitin • Essential Oils • Oriental Herbs • Botanical Extracts • Complex Vitamins • Antioxidants

Emu Oil: • Penetrates Quickly

• Reduces Swelling and Scarring

• Promotes Healthy Skin

• Increases Skin Thickness

• Promotes Healing Tony S.

“Through the years, accidents had left me with a crushed heel, seven herniated discs and a torn rotator cuff. I was spending $4,500 a month on medication prescriptions including for pain and became addicted to oxycontin. Finally, I decided not to allow drugs to control my life anymore. I became intrigued by an up-and-coming natural aid: Emu Oil. Out of personal necessity to get off drugs, aided by pain management doctors, other

medical personnel, herbalists and lengthy research and development, I created the natural topical pain relief product, Dr. Emu’s Rx for Pain. It not only eased my pain within minutes, it also made my life more livable again. Since then, many physical therapists, chiropractors and pain management doctors have testified to its apparent effectiveness with their patients.”

Guaranteed to end or at least reduce severe pain by 50% or your money back!

28 Northern & Central New Mexico Darrell Hart, founder and CEO of Everlasting Health

• Provides Essential Fatty Acids

4-oz Spray Bottle $19.95

plus $5 shipping for up to 4 bottles

To shop the webstore and place your order visit or call 888-822-0246

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