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Qi Activation Wellness Conference


4-day Qi Activation: Wellness Conference is being held June 22-25 at the Santa Fe Convention

Center. This longevity conference, formerly known as Qi Revolution, is fun, experiential and educational. Event founder, qigong practitioner Jeff Primack, says,

“After 65 events and 40,000 attendees we’ve upgraded the curriculum to what people said in surveys was ‘most useful in life.’” Qi Activation focuses on food-healing protocols and spends an hour each on protocols for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The seminar has more of a medical line-up and includes qigong foot reflexology for on the spot pain relief and endocrine boosting effects. “Aside from all the clinical applications,” explains

Primack, “there is a big qigong/energy component to the experience.” Primack, along with 25 other instructors, will be leading a massive group practice together. According to Primack, qigong breathing techniques are

the best natural high and Qi Activator, hence the name of the event. “Activation is a biological process and part of Enlight- enment,” says Primack. “The root chakra point when activat- ed releases dormant energy—called Kundalini—up the spine boosting the endocrine system, and therefore our longevity.” “This is perhaps the first Longevity Conference that speaks about the dormant energy hidden within our nervous system,” adds Primack. The seminar is non-denominational and open to all

people. For massage, 32 CE hours and acupuncture, 24 PDA hours are available.

Cost: Attend any or all days of 4-Day longevity conference for $129. Seating limited. Get tickets early to avoid missing out. To register, call 800-298-8970 or visit See ad on page 3.

A New Conversation Workshop J

tion techniques that tap into your subconscious wisdom,” explains McCann.

The 3 Keys to Living a Meaningful Life: Discover, Envi-

sion, Create are the backbone of the A New Conversation Workshop® process. Attendees will discover subconscious

wisdom, envision their “True-Self” and create a new life by participating in deep relaxation, hypnotherapy, NLP, vision quests and creative visualization exercises. “The many ‘aha’ moments you will experience will

empower and benefit you by bringing more focus, clarity and direction in your life,” says McCann. “The innovative atmo- sphere of creativity allows for making new discoveries about your ‘True-Self.’ A past participant described it as better than five years of therapy!” “Take a fresh look at your life and make needed changes

by holding ‘A New Conversation’ with yourself,” adds McCann. “You will be surprised by what you learn and have fun doing it!”

Early bird discounts available. Location: Santa Fe Soul, 2905 Rodeo Park Dr. E., Santa Fe. For more details and to register call 505-660-8148 or visit ANewConversationWorkshop. com. See ad on page 10.

Become a Hypnotist O

ver three decades ago, Lois Prinz was introduced to hypnotism as a con-

sumer. After losing 90 pounds, she became a practitioner of this artful behavioral sci- ence regarding human transformation and change. Today, she is a certified hypnotism trainer and mentor to the serious student desiring small-group or individualized attention in a Founda- tional Hypnotism training and a contemporary, heart-center- ing, linguistic approach to success with hypnotherapy. “If you consider the idea of being your own boss and earning a great income while working to a schedule that fits your lifestyle,” says Prinz, “then you are like many other people who investigate hypnotism as a full-time or part-time profession.” According to Prinz, many potential hypnotists take her professional hypnotherapy training out of curios- ity, or are looking for their own self-transformation before considering working professionally with the general public. “Many potential hypnotists take the coursework to serve oth- ers while serving themselves,” she says.

oin Colleen McCann, MA, from 6:15 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8 for a workshop

titled The First Night. The First Night kicks off a new series of personal growth workshops that promote thinking outside the box. “It introduces you to cutting-edge theories about higher-conscious- ness and guided journey/creative visualiza-

In less than six months, students of Ms. Prinz acquire national certification along with the hypnotic knowledge and skills, confidence and competence to open up a private hypno- therapy practice. “Face-time boot camp,” as her former students call it, consists of six days of well-paced, intensive hypnothera- peutic information. “Following that, practice, case studies, written scripts and book reviews are required before taking the National Guild of Hypnotists examination,” says Prinz. Participants under Prinz’s post training work with non- paid clients creating two case studies. Additionally, students are required to compose two annotated hypnotic scripts, book reviews and a recording of their own original pattern before certification is complete.

Ms. Prinz has just announced the addition of a training mid- August of this year. Early bird incentives are available. To learn more, visit See ad on page 21.

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