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Page 6. MAINE COASTAL NEWS October 2012 LUCKY LADY Gets a New Lease on Life By Caryn Vinson First time in the Fogg’s Boatworks shop

this beauty, LUCKY LADY took all my attention. The transom was nearly the width of shop, the hull sitting on her stands took up almost the rest of the space in the shop, even the air she seemed to occupy. LUCKY LADY, a Stanley 36, is a classic lobster boat. The wheelhouse is newly constructed and stands proudly on the deck and feels like it has been there since day one. Behind me was the large rebuilt deck, Dennis moves a mahogany door to show off the inside, the helm station; the old captain’s wheel and the rusty hauler seemingly oddly out of place, but delicately beautiful.

The berth houses a 471Detroit engine, converted from a dry exhaust to a wet ex- haust all the wires and gauges as needed for the transition. Just past this engine is the bedding covering the new storage units on the fl oor with luxurious padding in a deep burgundy with an off white trim. The ma- hogany trim on the white walls surrounding the padding is elegant and has a beautifully crafted louvered door in the center. To the left is a brand new sink with a clean water fi lter system, always needing plenty of cof- fee on board. All of these in sit on a majestic sole made from teak and holly. The wood has

been meticulously chosen by the experience of the Fogg’s. A mix of the mahogany, teak and holly has been chosen with a defi ni- tive purpose to add to the nobility that the “LADY” demands. LUCKY LADY was originally owned by the respected Tommie Sassard, fi sherman and harbormaster of East Boothbay. Tom- mie wanted a new boat and contacted Jock Williams, who had just opened J.W. Wil- liams Boats & Lyford Stanley of Southwest Harbor. Lyford’s wife suggested to Jock “Lyford has just fi nished his 18th

Stanley 36

and thinks he fi nally has it right!” Few days later Jock, Lyford and his wife pulled a mold off the plug in their driveway, planking lines and all.

Recently Bob Fulmer had spent the better part of a year looking for a boat. Bob says that Maine built lobster boats (and their designers), have that classic look, feel and handling that’s unparalleled. “The ‘Downeast’ hull style is one of the most graceful, functional and beautiful, regional hull designs there is on the water.” The LUCKY LADY then entered his life, via an internet ad even though travel for work would keep Bob from meeting her for two days. Bob went to the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Show, where he met Jock Wil- liams. He told Bob about LUCKY LADY being the fi rst fi berglass Stanley 36 he built. Jock told Bob how everyone loved Tommie and even some old “fi shing stories” of the good old days! Bob decided this was the boat for him; he pulled into the yard where she was and he saw she was on jack stands and covered in a tattered green tarp. Bob and Tommie’s will’s executor boarded her and went under the tarp. They explored the boat, drove to the executor’s house and sealed the

deal with a verbal agreement and a glass of scotch. Bob took a short drive to visit Betty Sassard. She is a fi recracker and told him that Tommie had it painted red because it’s her favorite color and he actually named this boat after her. Betty was told by her husband that she was a “Lucky Lady” to be married to him. Bob then promised never to change the color or the name! Bob’s search began for the perfect per- son to restore LUCKY LADY. Decades of hard fi shing had taken their toll. He knew he wanted to keep her as close to her fi shing lineage and confi guration as possible. Often, retired lobster boats are turned into “lobster yachts” with lots of chrome, stainless steel, granite and all the comforts of home. “While that is fi ne, it’s not what I wanted for LUCKY LADY” says Bob. He wanted her restored to a structurally sound state with updated electronics and just enough mahogany to show off her fi ne lines. He interviewed two reputable boat builders but they lost him after discussions of granite counter tops and fl at screen TVs. Then he met Dennis Fogg.

After inspecting her, he listened to Bob. Coming from a fi shing and boat building perspective, Dennis and Bob hit it off; ac- cording to Bob “he instantly ‘got it’.” Dennis understood the value of simple, functional upgrades that enhanced the classic lines of the original design, while respecting her fi shing origins and history.” Bob also replied with “Dennis and his sons are incredibly talented and capable craftsmen. They have the talent to adapt and think out of the box, which is essential in restoration. I wanted to retain as much of the original parts and hard- ware as we could. Dennis cleaned bits and cleats, re-wired running lights and restored original mahogany trim pieces. Original fi shing numbers on both sides of the boat were precisely recreated. We even kept the original wheel that Tommie’s hands had almost worn the wooden spoke handles off, after decades of hard use.” “I couldn’t be happier with the results and my experience working with Dennis Fogg” says Bob Ful-

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