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October 2012 MAINE COASTAL NEWS Page 19.


AVENUE and he took the early lead and was not threatened. Second went to FRAID KNOT and third was TORNADO. There were no entrants in the Novi Class, which is strange since there are num- ber of Novi’s tied to the dock at Eastport. There are also a number of them in the area. For the fi rst time in the three year history of this race there were competitors in the Eastport-Lubec Race. Four boats came to the line and the winner was LORNA DOANE. Second went to KLOSE ENOUGH and third was HIGH MAINTENANCE.

rite was 16th

Free-for-All, but eight boats were on the line for the Diesel Free-for-All. Again jumping out into the lead was 16TH

AVENUE, with

FRAID KNOT and TORNADO a couple of boat lengths back. Five boats came to the line for the Fastest Lobster Boat Afl oat with the same results.

Everyone came ashore, eat hot dogs

from Rosie’s, as the awards were handed out. After the awards came the drawing for a $1,000, which was won by, one surprised, Brent Davis.

Cameron Crawford runs WILD, WILD WEST through some big waves at Winter Harbor.

Randy Durkee's BLACK DIAMOND, a Holland 32 powered with 454 Chevy.

were run together with each getting fi rst place. There were no entrants in Clamdigger and Lobster Pickers: Outboards 25 hp and under. Skiffs 16-feet and under. Age 18 and under. In Clamdigger and Lobster Pickers: Outboards up to 70 hp. Skiffs over 16-feet, was won by Kesse McPhail’s KLOSE EN- UFF. In Clamdiggers and Lobster Pickers: Inboards or outboards – 71-hp and over, Skiffs 16 feet and over, the winner was Carol Dennison’s LORNA DOANE.

There were no entrants in Gasoline Class, Four and six cylinder gas, 24 feet and over and just Galen Alley’s FOOLISH PLEASURE in Gas V-8 any cu. in. and un- der, 24-feet and over. Galen made the run up the course and then made a run down the front of the wharf giving the spectators a real show. However, something went wrong in the engine and the boat died just off the wharf and had to be towed in.

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     There were no entrants in Diesel 175 hp

and under, 24-feet and over; Diesel 176 hp to 210 hp, 24-feet and over; Diesel 211 hp to 250 hp, 24-feet and over; and Diesel 251 hp to 350 hp, 24 and over. There was only one entrant in Diesel 351 hp to 450 hp, 28 to 35 feet 11 inch and under, Brent Davis’ HEE HAW and in Diesel, 351 to 450 hp, 36 feet and up, FIRST TEAM. They both ran up the course and each were given fi rst for their respective classes. In Diesel 451 hp to 650 hp, 28 feet and over, two boats came to the line, Kristan Porter’s WHITNEY & ASHLEY and Angus McPhail’s HIGH MAINTENANCE, which was won by WHITNEY & ASHLEY. In the last diesel class race, 651 hp and over, 28 feet and over, there were fi ve entrants: Wendall Bryant’s 16TH

AVENUE; Patrick Feeney’s FRAID

KNOT; Nick Lemieux’ PHANTON; Derek Feeney’s RATTLESNAKE; and Michael Ferguson’s TORNADO. The odds on favou-

  

         

 

  

 


   

  

 


200 Maine Street, Brunswick

 

  

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