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CT southern MA, increased gauge); A lot of changes are happening in the ocean; Bottom temperature warmer in Frenchman’s Bay; Earlier spawning of species like elvers, blue mussels, horseshoe crabs; Estuaries going to be the fi rst place really see signs of Global warming, eel grass die offs; Sandlance on beach in Port Clyde; Small groundfi sh in Pe- nobscot Bay; Squid in Southwest Harbor in March, unusual; Problems with the science Variation in the Gulf of Maine cod assess- ment for 2011 -- big difference between earlier assessment; Cooperative Research is good. Sentinel fi shery is in its third year. When fi shermen aren’t catching fi sh, you lose valuable information for stock assess- ment. “We need a dedicated ecosystem study of coastal Maine waters because there is no fi shery there to sample for groundfi sh.”; With the opening up of the Penobscot, hopeful that the bait fi sh are going to come back, followed by groundfi sh; Need to have mechanisms in place for new entrants when groundfi sh do come back; Small fi xed gear herring fi shery using stop seine shouldn’t be constrained as to when they set their nets by regulations in the offshore big boat fi shery Before you open up closed areas, you need to evaluate what is going on in there with a sentinel fi shery -- For instance, Closed Area I, northern area had greatest age structure of age 11 cod; Fishermen need to be able to diversify, fi sh for various species to survive Concern over having to pay monitoring costs for sector management; Need to think

seriously about aquaculture, have lost, through selective fi shing, the large spawning cod, maturing earlier now; To address con- solidation you could apply a conservation tax. This tax could be transferred back to area banks every time a large boat buys a small permit

Portsmouth, NH

September 12, 2012 NOAA Fisheries and fi shermen should work together to develop more effective pingers - technology exists to get down to zero by-catch levels; Upcoming harbor porpoise closures could reduce groundfi sh landings suffi ciently to put the only re- maining Co-op left in New Hampshire (the Yankee Co-op) out of business. If the Co-op closes, the New Hampshire fi shing fl eet will have no shore side support; Pinger testing gun and the observer process don’t work to determine compliance; In consequence closure area, fi sh mortality will not decrease as mobile gear will come in and take those fi sh; Small vessels cannot make up the lost revenue from these closures in other months, captains will not be able to afford their crew Consequence closure is being implemented based on a faulty methodology and ratio; Local fi shermen make money during the proposed closure months and simply cover costs the rest of the year. The economic con- sequence for industry is much more severe in October/November than in February/March Commit to change at the highest levels of NOAA Fisheries leadership to safeguard a successful future for industry; Need additional fi nancial resources to keep the

groundfi sh industry afl oat; Roll back mini- mum size of Bluefi n tuna to be able to catch the full quota; How are fi shermen supposed to detect pingers when they emit a high fre- quency sound that is not detectable to human ear? Why can’t you just keep the fi shery open and have observers come down to the docks with guns to make sure all the pingers are working so fi shermen can go fi sh? How do you explain when the fi sherman knows

the pinger is working and both the observer and the fi sherman hear it, but the gun says it isn’t working? Why are you punishing fi sh- ermen who are compliant along with those who aren’t? This closure isn’t fair. Concerns about the methodology and the way that the bycatch trigger that prompted the closure was calculated; It is not easy for fi shermen who fi sh inshore to fi sh around these areas .

HMS BOUNTY at the Eastport Pirate Festival.

MID-COAST MARINE Your Full Service Marina

Storage Rates

Inside under 35 feet - $44.00 per foot Outside under 35 feet - $26.00 per foot Inside greater than 35 feet - $49.00 per foot Outside over 35 feet - $31.00 per foot

*Storage Prices include haul, launch, stands, storage and pressure washing.

P. O. Box 148

Winterport, ME 04496 Phone: 207-223-4781


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