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FRAID KNOT, 16TH AVENUE and PHANTOM competing at Eastport.


11 August postponed until 8 September 2012


Race 1 – Gasoline Class A – 4 & 6 cyl-

inder 24 feet and over: 1) Indian Outlaw, James West (17.1 mph) and 2) Wide Open, Colon Rich (15 mph). Race 2 - Gasoline Class B - V-8 up to 375 cid, 24 feet and up: 1) Frosty Punkin, Walter Rich (16.2 mph). Race 3 - Gasoline Class C, V8, 376 to 502 cid, 28 feet and over: 1) Nightmare, Chad Libby (33.7 mph); 2) Black Diamond, Ran- dy Durkee (24,5 mph); and 3) Wanda Lou, Fred A. Young (11 mph). Race 4 - Gasoline Class D, V8, Over 502 cid, 28 feet and over, Naturally aspirated: No entrants. Race 5 - Gasoline Class E - V-8, Over 502 cid, 28 feet and over, superchargers/Turbos. DNS) Foolish Pleasure. Galen Alley. DIESEL POWERED WORK BOATS 24 FEET AND UP

Race 6 - Diesel Class A - Up to 235 hp,

24 to 31 feet: 1) Easy Money, David Grant (30.1 mph); 2) Ethan R., Thomas Young (20.2 mph); 3) Resilent, Avery Scott (16.2 mph); and 4) Narda Jean, Willie Coombs (13.9 mph). Race 7 - Diesel Class B - Up to 235 hp, 32 feet and over: 1) Mr. Lucky, Kit Johnson (19.2 mph); 2) Rich Ambition, Cameron Crawford (18.4 mph); 3) Surprise, Matt Lester (17.5 mph); 4) Brent Wyatt, (15.5 mph); 5) Blood Blister, Scott Knowles (10.0 mph); 6) Plan B., Fred Backman; and 7) Raising Cane, Scott McKenna. Race 8 - Diesel Class C - 236 to 335 hp, 24 to 33 feet: 1) Navigator, Chris Byers (24.6 mph); 2) Agitator, Dale Torrey (22.5 mph); 3) Rebecca Lynn, Dan Walker (22 mph); and

4) Hakuna Matata, Hollis Smith (11 mph). Race 9 - Diesel Class D - 236 to 335 hp, 34 feet and over: 1) Right Stuff, Dana Beal (19.2 mph); 2) Bonnie’s Brats. Roy Whalen (18.5 mph); and 3) Sea Oddity, Herman Faulkingham (12.3 mph). Race 10 - Diesel Class E - 336 to 435 hp, 24 to 33 feet: 1) Miss Katie, Nick Wiberg. Race 11 - Diesel Class F - 336 to 435 hp, 34 feet and over: 1) Victoria Ann, Winfred Alley Jr. (31.5 mph); 2) Gramp’s Legacy, Lebaron Libby (27.8 mph); 3) CC & Waters, Clair B. Whitten (26.5 mph); 4) Hee Haw, Brent Davis (25.4 mph); 5) Lady Lexy, Mike Faulkingham (25 mph); 6) My Sher E., Scott Young; 7) CRS, Bab Stanley; 8) Sunshine Chalet, Brian Strout; and DNS) Brown Eyed Girl, Craig Robinson. Race 12 - Diesel Class G - 436 to 550 hp, 28 to 35 feet: 1) Seacock, Todd Ritchie. Race 13 - Diesel Class H - 436 to 550 hp, 36 feet and over: 1) Madison Alexa, Bryant Kennedy (31.2 mph); 2) Miss Lisa, Buddy Trundy (27.9 mph); and 3) First Team, Travis Otis (25.5 mph). No position given: Deuces Wild, John Temple; Chasing Tails, Jacob Knowles; Captain Cole, Mi- chael Faulkingham and Scott Kayla, Todd Knowles. Race 14 - Diesel Class I - 551 to 700 hp, 28 to 35 feet: 1) Lisa Marie, Gary Ganthner (32.4 mph); and 2) Duncan & Blake, Bill Hass (27.2 mph). Race 15 – Diesel Class J – 551 to 700 hp, 36 feet and over: 1) Janice Elaine, David Myrick. Race 16 - Diesel Class K - 701 to 900 hp, 28 feet and over: 1) Motivation, Carroll Staples (39.7 mph); and 2) Wild Wild West, James West (37.4 mph). Race 17 - Diesel Class L - 901 hp and over, 28 feet and over: No entrants.Race 18 - Diesel Class M, 40 feet and over, up to 750 hp: Heat #1: 1) Gramp’s Bird, Patrick Faulkingham (30.5

LUCKY LADY Continued from Page 6.

mer. We have formed a team that will keep LUCKY LADY in shape for a very long time to come.”

She is has worked hard for years, like a work horse. She now has been polished and gets to play in the pasture for life. Standing in front of the wheel, with the original hauler below I think, what kind of secrets could this original equipment be keeping? The teak knobs are weathered and cracked. In Tommie’s grips it must have seen pristine days with the sun coming up over the bay, choppy seas with white caps, fog banks, and freezing days in the harbor biting at pieces of fl esh and storms brewing. Think about all the tales that wheel could tell us! How many full traps or nets did that hauler pull in onto the deck? It made me think about the bait boxes, lobster pots, lobsters, scallops & shrimp covering the deck. The crashing waves over the sides as the fi shermen work.

The deck scattered with scallops in the cold with freezing fi ngers digging out the meaty centers and lobsters snapping away, now that same deck is going to be covered in fi shing rods, chairs, coolers and laughter! LUCKY LADY is now ready for her new life of leisure. She worked her whole life; this wonderful work horse of a boat will get to live a second life, in her beautiful pasture, just like that retired work horse. She may sail through the same waters; maybe explore some new ‘blue’ pastures. The sec- ond half of her life will be fi lled with smiles, picnics and adventures but will be true to her origins.

LUCKY LADY is a love story. The

love of Tommie and Betty for each other and Tommie’s love for LUCKY LADY, the love Bob has found. Little did he know when he named the boat after his wife that the boat’s name would have so much meaning! This beautiful boat is going to be around for years.

Galen Alley's FOOLISH PLEASURE puts on show at Eastport, albeit a short one.

mph); 2) Amanda Joy & Logi Bear, Colon Alley (30.4 mph); 3) 51, Billy Bob Faulking- ham (29.7 mph); Position not given:Casnty, Greg Dunbar; and First Impression, James W. West. Heat #2: 1) Size Matters, Dixon Smith (25.1 mph); 2) Bottomline, Dan Rod- gers (20.8 mph); 3) Padasa, Brian Bridges (20.4 mph); 4) Carpediem, Ethan Whitaker; and 5) Northeastern, Mike Hunt. Position not given:Brenda Lee, Larry Torrey; Elaine Sue, Daniel Backman; and Starfi re, Alston Walls. Finals: 1) Size Matters, Dixon Smith (31.4 mph); 2) Amanda Joy & Logi Bear, Colon Alley (31.1 mph); 3) Gramp’s Bird, Patrick Faulkingham (30.8 mph); and 4) 51, Billy Bob Faulkingham. Race 19 - Diesel Class N, 40 feet and over, 750 hp and over: 1) Ocean Bounty, Wayne Gray (30.8 mph); 2) Chix Dig It, Mathew Merchant (29.4 mph); 3) Never Enough, Jeff Strout (28.4 mph); 4) Master Simon, Phil Torrey; and 5) Juggernaut, Christopher Nelson. Position not given:Autumn Gale, Jeffrey Libby; and Tori Kay, Jayson Knowles.

Race 20 - Gasoline Free for All: 1) Black Diamond, Randy Durkee (26.5 mph); and 2) Indian Outlaw, James West (22.1 mph).

Race 21 - Diesel Free for All: 1) Mo-

tivation, Carroll Staples (38.5 mph); 2) Lisa Marie, Gary Ganthner (37.5 mph); and 3) Janice Elaine, David Myrick. Race 22. Woodenboat Race: 1) Rich

Ambition, Cameron Crawford (17.3 mph); DNS) Wide Open, Wayne Rich. Race 23 – Lady Skippers: 1) 51, Billy Bob Faulkingham (29.4 mph); 2) CC & Waters, Clair B. Whitten (26.4 mph); and 3) Carpediem, Ethan Whitaker (18.1 mph). Race 24 - Fastest Lobster Boat: 1)

Motivation, Carroll Staples (39.7 mph); 2) Lisa Marie, Gary Ganthner (38.5 mph); and 3) Wild Wild West, James West (35.1 mph).

NEWS FROM THE DELA Continued from Page 11.

increase….they are not catching as many lobsters to the “Westered” as to the “Eastered.” Norb suggested that those that want to fi sh less traps, let them choose. Their own choice works the best. They may purchase the traps and tags, but may not use them all.

Richard said that the shedders get a bad rap, the media calls it junk---but they are easier to pick and the meat is sweeter. Commissioner Patrick said it is not a quality issue as much as it is a “shipability” issue. We need to use the best management practices. Toni Lilienthal says that people love

Maine lobster. It is easier to pick for the consumer and the processors. She explained the storage survival process. We need to fi nd a way to get them from point A to point B. Clive also suggested that is needed to educate the public about handling the product. “If you parboil them for seven minutes, then store or freeze them, you can cook them for six minutes longer and it is as good as fresh lobster.” The scored RFP’s for the licensing was awarded to the Gulf of Maine Research Foundation. They need the best input from the industry and will hold meetings that will be well publicized. They need to have their report by October and the DMR needs to be ready by January. A motion was made by Clive and seconded by Norbert to accept the minutes from the May meeting. We also need to bring the April minutes and Treasurer’s report back for a formal vote for acceptance. We didn’t have a total quorum at the May

meeting. Motion passed. A motion was made by Clive and seconded by Leroy to accept the Treasurer’s report for May. Motion passed. Richard also suggested that he’d be willing to vote to transfer money from the Legal Fund if we need to cover expenses.

Leroy supports “cautiously” the marketing licensing plan that has been proposed. There will need to be a sunset on this in order for approval. At this point, a motion was made by Norbert and seconded by Hilton to support the licensing plan. The motion failed.

Richard asked why can’t we use our money for a processing plant. Toni explained how the set-up for a processing plant works. It is diffi cult to get started, set up with regulations and so on. Are we experienced enough in Maine to run processing plants? Marty Hamblen explained Mike Giles proposal for the Atlantic Insurance Company’s membership benefi t package. Hilton made the motion to accept the endorsement of their plan which was seconded by Norbert. The motion carries. Camden National Bank gave their proposed rates for DELA to carry credit cards as a means for the internet and merchandise purchases. Hilton made the motion to try this for one year. This was seconded by Richard. Motion carries. A motion was made to support opening the St. Croix River to the alewives by Leroy and seconded by Hilton. Motion carries. The date for the Annual Meeting was set for Thursday, September 13th in Ellsworth.

at Jaspers Meeting adjourned at 9:13.

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