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Page 14. MAINE COASTAL NEWS October 2012

Boat And Ship Yard News

Herb Baum built cabin cruiser, the former JENNIE M., in the shop for some repair work. They have made repairs to the side of her house, replaced some planking, her engine was removed and gone through, her fuel was polished, new batteries and a new GPS were added, and some of the glass in her windshield will be replaced. Six River Marine has worked on this boat since 1999 when she was purchased by her present owner. They have done some major work especially aft of the bulkhead.

Other work this winter will be a keel repair on a 30-foot Joel White designed powerboat; and replacing two planks on an Eric Dow built peapod.

A Prock barge, USCG JEFFERSON ISLAND and CORWITH CRAMER out at Rockland. (Steve Lang Photo)

At Rollins’s Boat Shop in York there is a beautiful 1926 Elco named PATIENCE in the shop for work. Presently, owner Paul Rollins is refastening her hull. PATIENCE had been rebuilt several years ago but again is in need of a complete restoration. Last winter Paul put in a new backbone and looks to do much more this winter. This is big project and it may take some to complete. Paul also has underway an 8 foot can- vas dinghy which was designed by Bud Macintosh years ago. His brother, Ned, built approximately 100 of these back in the 1950s and they were well liked. Paul added that these are a lot more convenient for those looking to do a little exploring around a harbor because they are easier to get into the water than a heavy dinghy tied down on

deck. This one will be completed in October and then head to Florida.

Six River Marine in North Yarmouth

is fi nishing up a 29-foot powerboat for an out-of-state owner. Her windshield is on and they have made patterns for the glass. The only thing the windshield needs now, is the cap put on. Her interior has been completed and they are now putting on the fi nishing touches. This also includes installing her hardware. Then they will build a helm station and instrument panel, doors for the lockers in the cockpit, and put down a cork deck in the cockpit. After this, her hull and deck will be painted. She is expected to go into the water next spring.

For other work they have a 35-foot 1958 Yarmouth Boat Yard - Your "Go-To" Source for Eastern and Down East Boats from 18' to 35'

Samoset Boat Works in Boothbay is building a 16-foot work boat skiff. While I was there, they were putting in the glass and setting up to infuse the hull. She will have three layers of E-glass, a core and three layers of E-glass for her hull. Her transom will be made of 5 layers of 12 ounce E-glass, 1-inch core, and another 5 layers of E-glass. She will have a self-bailing cockpit and sport a 25-hp outboard. They hope to have her completed in October and for those inter- ested she is for sale.

Samoset is also working on some large custom house speaker covers that are being built out of mahogany and Sitka spruce. A 26-foot Sisu powerboat is at another yard and is having some modifi cations made to her house. Samoset has built panels for this project. This is a two year project and next they will be working on her cockpit.

Boothbay Harbor Shipyard in Booth- bay has the full-rigged ship BOUNTY hauled up on the railway for some minor work. They will do some repair work on the woodwork around the galleries at her stern, install new fuel and water tanks, changing compartments so that the new tanks will fi t, replace a couple of planks on the bottom and bulwarks, and then they are going to caulk and paint her. They also need to laminated up three new 50 foot yards. The Portland fi re boat will be hauled up the end of September for paint and zincs. In two weeks, the 123-foot ketch GALILEO will be hauled up for her normal maintenance, which will take a couple of weeks to complete. She will also have her two gen-sets replaced while she is in. The 136-foot Dutch built fi shing vessel

WESTWARD will come back on the railway for additional cosmetic work, which will in- clude mostly painting. They will also fi nish the repair work they started on her running gear.

Paul E Luke, Inc. of East Boothbay has had a busy summer. They say that the business has been about the same as last year, which was also good. One thing they noted was that some of their storage customer’s boats were sold and thus they ended up looking for additional storage customers. However, they suspect by late fall they will be full again. Another thing they noted was that there were a lot of larger yachts in Linekin Bay this summer. This meant mooring rentals were up as well as some other services.

Eastern 18' Center Console Eastern 24' Center Console Eastern 27' Lobsterfisherman (207) 846-9050 72 Lafayette Street Yarmouth, ME 04096

Over the last couple of years there have not been a lot of big jobs , but they were busy with a number of smaller ones. This winter seems to be shaping up the same. Besides boat storage and repair their machine shop has been holding its own and in fact their export sales has increased. They have been selling a number of propellers and recently they some to New Zealand. The anchor aspect of their business has also been going well and they are presently making anchors for ADVENTURESS, which was the Fife designed sailboat just restored by Rockport Marine.

Eric Dow, Boatbuilder in Brooklin has been putting in his storage customers for the winter, which he started the last week of August.

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Photo Ann-e Blanchard

Photo Ann-e Blanchard

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