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science of the land. Madeleine wants the younger genera- tions to be able to take a piece of their visit with them when they leave and use their newfound knowledge to incorporate into activities back home. T ese specially designed activities will empower students and create a solid foundation to build their characters and elicit a strong connection to America and wild animals.

GOOD FOR AMERICA’S SPIRIT For Madeleine, Saving America’s Mustangs is not only

good for wild horses, it’s good for America’s spirit too. T e noble spirit of our wild horses will continue to contribute to America’s spirit if we let them. And save them. Madeleine wonders how a Congress who declared the Mustangs “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit” 40 years ago can so cold-heartedly abandon them, even persecute them now. She and all the supporters of Mustang Monument will never abandon them and will fi ght to protect them. She asks, “If Congress can spend billions bailing out banks, can’t Congress fi nd the will to support a program that will not only save our wild horses, but also save the taxpayer millions of dollars?” Madeleine’s plans, dreams and eff orts are ambitious, to

be sure. But do such magnifi cent and noble creatures as our American Mustangs deserve anything less than a grand and spectacular plan? To learn more about Madeleine Pickens, SAM and Mustang Monument, visit www.savingamericasmus- and discover all the ways you can become involved. It costs nothing to become a member and supporter; just sign up for regular updates personally from Madeleine, and become part of the team fi ghting to save our wild horses.

MOVING FORWARD On April 19, the BLM announced it had selected for environmental

analysis a public-private land wild horse eco-sanctuary proposal sub- mit ed by Saving America’s Mustangs. T e BLM will conduct an envi- ronmental analysis of the proposal under the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 to assess the environmental, economic, social and other eff ects of the proposed eco-sanctuary. T e BLM expects its NEPA analysis—which will include extensive public input—to be completed in approximately two years, aſt er which the agency will make a decision about whether to enter into a formal part- nership with SAM. T e Saving America’s Mustangs Foundation says it stands ready to

take on these challenges and work diligently with the BLM to fi nalize this agreement “so we can actually take the fi rst group of 900 horses from the pens they stand in to once again enjoy the freedom of the open spaces of Nevada,” says Pickens. “We are working diligently at the Spruce and Warm Creek ranches to prepare them for this exciting adventure and sincerely hope our eff orts there will produce new economic opportuni- ties for Elko County and a place we can all be proud of.”

Dutch Henry is a writer and novelist who writes about “People & Horses Helping Horses & People.” He resides in Virginia with his wife of 36 years, Robin, and a horse, dogs, cats and chickens. Dutch also does T erapy For T erapy Horse Clinics at therapeutic riding centers across the country

to help horses maintain proper posture, movement and body carriage—be- cause therapy horses can use a lit le therapy, too. You can reach Dutch at—he would love to hear from you. His novel, “We’ll Have the Summer,” is available on Amazon and at


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