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The author, a Quantum biofeedback specialist, comes to the farm weekly, and as often as

needed, to administer care for horses and other animals as they recover from their ordeals and traumas.

Quantum Life Healing, LLC began as a search for a noninvasive tool for keeping our fam-

ily healthy. We use an advanced biofeedback system with a state of the art device called the Indigo. With this amazing equipment we cannot only assess what stressors in our loved one’s environment are most troublesome but also send correcting or balancing frequencies. In a way similar to acupuncture, but without the needles, we can help clear blockages so the body can begin to heal itself. The technology is safe and effective and is used by thousands of practitioners worldwide

for humans of all ages, horses, dogs, cats and birds. Basically any living thing can benefit from the subtle energy. Biofeedback does not replace good medical care. It is a complementary therapy used in conjunction, when necessary, with traditional medicine. When very sick members of our family saw dramatic changes in their health after this form of

energy work, we decided it was simply too good not to share and began taking in clients. We have been blessed to be able to offer relief to individuals of many species suffering from a wide range of diseases, including depression, diabetes, Lyme, fibromyalgia, shingles and chronic pain from a variety of sources. It is a known fact that over 80% of all diseases are directly related to stress. When we find the root of the stress and help eliminate it, the body has an incredible capacity to heal itself. Biofeedback is a technology based on quantum physics. It undeniably works. There are no side

effects. How much benefit there will be and how fast we see results varies with every individual. Typically we expect to see a subtle shift within the first six sessions but often we see a change sooner. Animals and children respond quickly. Those who do what is suggested to help themselves are more likely to see a change more quickly. For example, if insecticide toxins are coming up as a stressor for a horse with headshaking syndrome, it would be necessary for the horse to have a clean environment in order to heal. The energy can help—but the client must do their part. For more information or to schedule a free phone consultation call Patricia Sanborn at 603- 435-7583 or read more at

and other animals. One of these is their Outreach Feedbank Program. T is program is designed to keep horses and other pets in their loving homes if their owners come upon temporary hard times. LLLF can provide hay, feed, limited veterinarian care and other sup- port to those people who might come upon such hardships as layoffs, illness or other conditions that may otherwise force them to give up loved pets or horses. It is in the “Help T y Neighbor” spirit that Teresa and the vol- unteers work to keep as many horses and pets and their loving families together, and prevent once-cherished horses from a one-way ticket to the auction barn. Each Sunday afternoon the enchanted

roads and trails are opened to the public for guided tours for folks to feel the love, meet volunteers and visit the horses. As the visitors stroll along, the guides introduce each horse to the visitors. T ey stop at each of the 28 pad- docks and enjoy the moment. It is oſt en during these visits that new friendships begin that last a lifetime. And many folks feel the tug on their hearts to become part of the loving family of volunteers who help re-start lives. LLLF is run entirely by volunteers and

survives on donations. To learn more about LLLF and their programs visit their website, And if you visit, please take carrots for the horses.

Dutch Henry is a writer and novelist who writes about “People & Horses Helping Horses & People.” He resides in Virginia with his wife of 36 years, Robin, and a horse, dogs, cats and chickens. Dutch also does T erapy For T erapy Horse Clinics at therapeutic riding centers across the country to help horses maintain proper posture, movement and body carriage—because therapy horses can use a lit le therapy, too.

You can reach Dutch at—he would love to hear from you. His novel, “We’ll Have the Summer,” is available on Amazon and at


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