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Teresa, coming from a troubled child- hood herself, always looked to animals for her own healing, love and support. Her fi rst recollection of how deeply animals can care for us was her lit le beagle, Tippy. Twice as a young girl Tippy intervened when Teresa’s safety was threatened. Once when a pack of free running dogs came charging at her, Tippy, a tiny dog with a huge heart, disregarded his own safety and plowed right into the pack. Teeth gnashing and barking fi ercely, he drove the dogs away. Another time, as Teresa was walking alone, a man stopped his car and tried to harm her. Tippy at acked with the viciousness of a dog three times his size and the man sped away. Teresa knew it was that love and connection between her heart and Tippy’s spirit that forged the foundation within her to somehow, someday, fi nd a way to help as many animals in need as possible.

DRAWN TO HORSES As a young girl, Teresa lived within

walking distance of a horse farm that raised and trained T oroughbred race- horses. From a distance she watched the beautiful horses graze, prance and play. She hatched a plan to do babysit ing and use that money to buy a bag of carrots for the horses. Only one problem stood in her way. She had no way of get ing the carrots to the horses. She decided she would sneak to the farm’s mailbox and put the carrots inside with a note: “Carrots for the Horses.” Her system worked fl awlessly. For weeks she would sneak to the mailbox and tuck a bag of carrots inside, then sit at her favor- ite vantage spot and watch the horses.

One day as she approached the mailbox she

was startled by a man’s voice. “Are you the young lady who’s been leaving carrots for the horses?” Sheepishly Teresa whispered she was. T e man replied, “I’m Morris Vallee, would you like to give your carrots to the horses in person?”

LIVING A DREAM For the next few years, Teresa lived a young

girl’s dream. She had a series of fun jobs that allowed her to live within the horses’ spirit. Mor- ris was a kind man who had a special way with horses. Because of his gentle ways, his horses oſt en did well in the races, and lived a happy life on the farm. T rough him Teresa learned about the good side of the racing industry. His teachings helped Teresa learn to love horses even more. Too soon, while traveling, Morris died in a truck accident. T e farm soon closed. Teresa found work at Suff olk Downs Race

Track in East Boston, Massachusetts, as a groom, walker and handy person. What a very different world this proved to be from the peaceful, wonderful world with her old friend Morris. It was while working there that Teresa was introduced to the darker side of the racing industry and realized that one day she would work at a rescue. She just knew she had to be a part of helping horses in a big way.

A SHARED PASSION Time and life marched on; Teresa married,

raised a family and divorced. “Life has its ups and downs, and nobody knows what crooked roads bring us to the fi elds we set le on,” Teresa says. Teresa and Jerry had known each other for years, but each had their own lives. T en one day Teresa got word Jerry was very ill. Teresa had already been rescuing horses and other animals and it was that inner spirit that reached out and told her to go to Jerry. T rough the illness and healing they formed a bond that would mold them together, each fi lling a void in the other. Jerry had the land, Teresa had fi ve rescued

horses and a passion. Together they set out to save, heal and restart precious lives. Jerry does most of the construction and road

building—yes, the road building. One of the beauties of LLLF is the way Teresa and Jerry

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In concert with the New Hamp- shire state police, Squire, a beautiful blue-eyed Saddlebred, came to LLLF an eff ort to save him and six other horses from starvation, dehydration and ema- ciation in the middle of a harsh winter. He is now owned by one of the LLLF Rescue volunteers.

“Jerry had the land, Teresa had five rescued horses and a passion. Together they set out to save, heal and restart precious lives.”

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