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Five Reasons Why You Should Write Your Book!

By Mindy Gibbins-Klein

So you have your business, you’ve got the knowledge and the pathway to success is open before you. So why haven’t you got around to writing your book? I’ve heard every excuse under the sun, things like with the hit of the recession there is no time or budget to allow for writing a book – well my argument is always that you cannot afford not to. So here are my five reasons why you should get writing today!

1. When the going gets tough, the tough don’t always get going! So the recession has hit and there is less spare cash lying around, but it’s precisely when times get tough that customers start scrutinising their purchases and looking for the best value for their money. In a market that is already competitive, shrinking demand means fewer pounds flowing around, and those pounds will go to the exceptional companies, so...

2. Stand out! In a downturned market, executives should be making a big impact by being bold and opinionated in order to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment. Business leaders and executives need to be able to share experiences and knowledge and more importantly be able to share their wisdom and views on key issues within the market if they are to rise above their competition. Quite simply, if you dont have a speaking, writing and publishing strategy, you are not fulfilling your responsibility as leaders.

3. Marketing alone is not enough! It is impossible to delegate the critical task of thought leadership to your marketing department, and, in my experience, people are spending less on their marketing but are still seeing the same results

in their business. But, to get real competitive advantage, a CEO needs to get vocal as well. What we need is REAL thought leadership, which asserts the executive’s views and opinions on important issues and provides a vision that inspires confidence in that company. Think about the business leaders that stand out in your mind. Chances are, they have been writing, speaking and quoted in the market.

4. Social Media is good, but it is not everything. With all the buzz around social media and blogging, many now think that blogging online is enough. I disagree. A good quality book in print is one of the best credibility builders around. Many successful business leaders have written books; however, the average business executive simply doesn’t realise the value that it can bring, not only to their organisation and successors, but in raising their profile and credibility with their target audience too.

5. It WILL do wonders for your career! I conducted a survey recently among several hundred clients and I asked them what their top reasons were for wanting to write and publish a book. Over half said that they would do it for recognition, to stand out over and above their competition and be known as an expert in their field. My top two dozen clients have added five figure sums to their businesses just by writing their books! I think this is a fantastic reason to want to get started, because books present people with an opportunity to take away your ideas and read them again in their spare time. This is a great way of achieving a form of longevity to your name, so by writing a book you allow people to stay connected to you, and more people to hear about you.

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