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Living a Laptop Lifestyle Part 1

Read Entrepreneur Country’s first installment of Living a Laptop Lifestyle, a book by Greg and Fiona Scott on making money online with no experience required...

Have you ever sat at work and dreamed about booking a last minute holiday, at the drop of a hat, without having to ask your boss for time off? How about being able to go to the kids’ sports day without having to beg for some leeway, and then struggle to make the time up later? What about taking the family to Disneyland in the middle of the school holidays? Or buying Christmas presents that will be the talk of your family’s friends for the year to come? Maybe you fantasise about losing some kilos, or lowering your blood pressure, leaving you feeling fantastic about yourself. Are you fed up to the back teeth of commuting at rush hour and getting wedged under someone’s sweaty armpit, or stuck in traffic going nowhere fast?

Do you forever worry about making the next mortgage payment, or just keeping the repossession agents from the door? Or maybe get fed up shopping at second-hand clothing stores, in sales, or buying discounted food items just so the family can eat? Maybe you’ve just had enough of some idiot at work, but you can’t leave your job because you know there are limited opportunities out there. Or, maybe your Boss is a jerk, whose job you could do blindfolded, and get paid an extra ten grand in the process? Do you think you will be able to fund your retirement by buying lottery tickets? Or maybe you plan to do it by revolving credit card balances around interest free offers. What about paying for your funeral – do you know how that’s going to happen?

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Let’s say you could guide your extended family to financial freedom? How proud would that make you feel, just having a sense of control in your life? Fortunately, those are the sorts of things you can be free of, when you read what we’re about to tell you. It’s these things you won’t have to worry about again, once you’ve read this book.

So, thank you for taking the time to read our message, which like us, will give you the chance to reclaim your life by making money online.

We wrote this book because we’d been blind to the opportunities all around us. In fact, we were totally blinkered! But now we’ve opened our eyes to the world and want to share what we’ve learnt, so you too can shed the shackles of employment and live the life you truly deserve. We would have loved to have read a book like this when we started out. That’s why we’re passionate about sharing our experience and discoveries so you too can see what’s available out there for you. We truly believe if we can help just one person – you – avoid the steep learning curve and despair we experienced, we’ll be extremely happy.

But most importantly, we want to help you get out of the employment rat-race and open your eyes to an achievable alternative. You can be an entrepreneur, work freely from home and live a wonderful lifestyle with life changing benefits. If we can do it, then, so can you. Every day, we’re grateful

for the good fortune and good advice that we’ve received – and would love to share that with you.

The Good Life

Here’s how our lives have changed and the benefits we’ve gained, since giving up paid employment. We now plan our days to suit our lifestyle and ourselves, which means we have time to exercise.

Fiona: As a result, I’ve lost 20 kilos since leaving paid employment, and have kept the weight off. I’ve also got my blood pressure under control, which

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