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The Law of Unintended Consequences MYSTICAL MENTORS

By T. Stokes

The eternal question people always ask is how much in my life is fate and how much is free will? We always tend to blame bad happenings on fate and good ones on being richly deserved. This is actually such a complex question that many practitioners avoid it.

The 2 big selling books by Dr. Michael Newton, JOURNEY OF SOULS and DESTINY OF SOULS explain just how much of our life path we plan before birth.

Recent discoveries in DNA spirals show that many dis- eases and even the length of life can be successfully predicted well into the future. A lot of investment in this area is from insurance companies who want to know whose lives to insure and whose not to.

In previous articles I have concentrated on just one hand, but any reading on just one hand alone is like trying to tell the time with a one handed clock, you only get half the picture.

The brain crosses over to govern the opposite hand. The left hand rules the early life, music, intuition, art and congenital health patterns, while the right hand rules later life and the logical rational assertive and active facets of personality.

I often use some ancient healing techniques such as the Ayurvedic pulse taking. While holding the hand, I quietly rest my fingers on the wrist pulse and listen for echoes. I determine whether the start or the end of the beat is firmest, where I hear the irregularities and when. What I hear when talking about personal issues the pulse feed- back will give you much info.

Both of these hands shown are very different, and if we examine the atavistic stigmata of the left hand we see some big difficulties. A big strong hand like this with small spidery lines is problematic. Some palmists use a for- mula with 4 widths of linear markings.

The thumb is stuck like a thick small sausage close to the side (1)

The Jupiter or Index finger is much shorter that the third or Apollo fin- ger and has a very thick base. The Jupiter finger/Apollo finger ratio tells of the amount of estrogen the feminine feeling hormone, to testosterone the “doing” hormone of achievement and performance, showing male to female aspects inherited from the womb.

(3) The Mercury or little finger does not reach the top crease of the Apollo finger, and is low set deep into the hand and is bent. (4) The start to the lifeline is very thick and tied together with the head for too long before sepa-


rating. (5) The head line droops down to Luna and enters an allergy/ poison line which then breaks the lifeline which comes to a dead stop. There are many interference or stress lines. (6) The heart line lies very low in the hand and has breaks. This is poorly formed hand.

The long deep start to the lifeline before any breaks shows someone who had not bonded properly with one or both parents, the deep set little finger shows the deep psychological damage from this and its shortness and bent structure. This shows a “bent” personality. Remember Mercury rules communication, which is the final word in all interactions from verbal to sexual. The 3 phalanges or sections of the finger give more infor- mation, the bend is primarily in the top sector, mean- ing verbal dishonesty, the central phalange bent would be business, money or material temptation and the base phalange would represent a bent physical/sexual arena.

The large wide hand will usually have just 4 deep main lines. To have this this many lines shows deep structural personality difficulties. By means of a small mathemati- cal sum of the width and the palm length, the birth weight can be determined. This mans heart line forks early under Saturn with one branch pulled out of its natural course to join the head and life junction. This coupled to the other signals confers a severe state of Alexithemia, a technical word meaning emotional mis-progamming. In fact on the Toronto Alexithemia scale this man was a possible danger to women family members.

So to be brief I had to wrap this very diplomatically with firm but gentle counseling, and told him; “Sometimes the greatest lies are told in silence” and the saying “if one woman is not enough a thousand won’t be”. The outcome unless he changed his ways was dire, the law of unintended consequences meant he was walking a dangerous path.

This is the real truthful story of his left hand.

That the Adlerian inferiority com- plex, with the short Jupiter finger would affect all relations in the Mercury finger, the strength of libidinal power was such that

unless correctly channeled here was tragedy waiting to happen. He admitted he had been seeing other

women outside of his marriage and been gambling with the firms money and seeing prostitutes. The thick base to a small Jupiter finger is one sign of alcohol abuse, this man hated himself for what he was doing and was becom- ing very depressed. The line at (7) has

Oracle 20/20 April 2012

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