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rejuvenation potentials. These seemingly very differ- ent aspects of nature are linked and made available or tuned and revitalized by the use of the appropriate sound energies.

Cousto learned to interpret the motions of the planets and stars into Star Tones, powerful forces for using and understanding Astrological Energies. He played the music of the Stars - literally!

Fibonacci tones mirror patterns found throughout nature and the cosmic realm. This set of frequencies is revealed in every aspect of creation, including the human body. The ancients believed that tuning to this pattern not only harmonized their souls and bodies, but connected them to the divine. The Solfeggio tones are mysteriously encoded in the Bible. In history and mod- ern times each tone is reported to have its own healing benefit, such as one frequency used to repair DNA in scientific settings.

Different scales with related note-pitches also have been touted to produce a variety of healing impacts. Scales such as the Pythagorean and Just intonation are created with different methods than those used in our current musical scale. Different vibratory patterns are associated with different impacts on the body.

Oracle 20/20 April 2012

Through the ages the idea of a vibrating string has been used again-and-again to help thinkers better understand the universe around us - and to gain insight into unseen mysteries - be that super-submicroscopic strings or the workings of the human body and the chakras... Einstein had it right, matter IS energy, all is vibration, everything is One, all can be shown to be the same - and we will evolve out of matter - and one day, all is united in the divine.

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