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as they rear their head. Your program will reap the rewards down the road. Doug Holmes

I Couldn’t Believe This – Playing the Race Card in Parking (Posted Aug. 30) I was interviewed today by a reporter writing a piece for a

magazine here in LA. It was wide-ranging, and I probably made a fool of myself – it was recorded. But one thing was interesting. I said that I felt people didn’t like getting parking tickets because they felt that charging for parking was absurd, and particularly if they were 25 cents late for a meter that a $50 ticket was unfair. I juxtaposed this to a traffic ticket where if we ran a red

light or were caught going 35 mph over the speed limit, we knew in our heart of hearts that the ticket was legit and that we had broken the law. The reporter responded that he thought it was because Parking

Enforcement Officers (PEOs) were mostly black or Latino and white people yelled at them because of their race. Of course, all Cal- ifornia Highway Patrol and Traffic Officers are white, so we don’t get as upset getting a ticket from them. Frankly, I was stunned and started yelling. He backed off and

said he didn’t want an argument. Well, if he didn’t want one, he shouldn’t have pulled that little challenge out of his pocket. I noted that many minorities get parking tickets, and they seem

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just as steamed as the white folks. I was able to get myself under control and finish the interview, but his comment was just one more for my list of idiocies that are touted by the Main Stream Media. It also was an example of how reporters try to bend the con- versation to fit their template. He may have been baiting me, and if he was, he got a different

fish than he expected. Wow! JVH

Craig Bagdon comments: What a preposterous statement [the reporter made]! Back when I first started in this industry in the early

1980s, I was working both as a Reserve Police Officer and a PEO. I always found it fascinating that I could arrest some- one for some horrible crime, and they would meekly submit as I handcuffed them and placed them in the back of my patrol car. But issue them a parking ticket, and I was assaulted with

everything from spittle to baseball bats. Oh yeah, I was exact- ly the same color in both jobs.

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