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fied and expanded into other areas like an increasing market for aircraft survivability equip- ment,” stated Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen, Terma Corporate Vice President, Customer & Markets, as a comment upon the cooperation agreement. ◆

AgustaWestland Takes Full Ownership Of The BA609 Program

AgustaWestland, announced that it has taken full ownership of the BA609 tiltrotor pro- gram. Bell Agusta Aerospace Company (BAAC) to be renamed will remain a U.S. company being the new type

AgustaWestland and Terma Sign Cooperation Agreement

Recently at the Paris Air Show

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, and Terma signed a cooperation agreement in order to jointly explore business opportunities in the fields of aircraft survivability equipment, 3D-Audio, advanced aero struc- tures and other equipment. The cooperation will include joint marketing activities worldwide. The two companies already have cooperated successfully on the AW101 helicopter where Terma has been a supplier of advanced structural parts for several years. As a global supplier of aircraft survivability equip- ment to the international mar- ket Terma and AgustaWestland will work jointly towards existing and new helicopter operators. This includes co-operation for the Danish Maritime Helicopter


Programme for which AgustaWestland is currently competing with the AW159 hel- icopter.

‘’AgustaWestland has already been working with Terma for a number of years and we look forward to further enhancing this relationship through these exciting new initiatives,” AgustaWestland Senior Vice President International Business, Giacomo Saponaro said.

The AW159 is a new genera- tion multi-role helicopter designed as a successor to the successful Lynx family of heli- copters, which are currently in service with 15 nations around the world, including the Royal Danish Navy.

"The cooperation between

Terma and AgustaWestland has proven to be successful. With this agreement, the existing cooperation is further intensi-


Italy, from autumn 2011. The nearby Cameri site will be dedi- cated to the development pro- gramme for AW609 govern- ment applications. AgustaWestland will also open a new operational base in Arlington, Texas, to manage the U.S. based tiltrotor operations. AgustaWestland is fully commit- ted to rapidly proceed with the AW609 programme develop- ment capitalizing on the activi- ties already performed so far. “I believe it is in the best

interests of the program for AgustaWestland to assume own- ership and management over the programme going forward,” said Bruno Spagnolini, CEO of AgustaWestland. “We consider

certificate applicant to FAA. The new company will be totally owned by AgustaWestland and the BA609 tiltrotor will be rebranded as the AW609. The agreement is subject to obtaining the required regula- tory approvals by the relevant authorities in Europe and the USA.

The AW609 programme will be managed by a single Integrated Development Team, to be based in Cascina Costa,

the tiltrotor concept as the answer to the growing need for an aircraft matching the vertical capabilities of helicopter with the speed, range and altitude capabilities of fixed wing air- craft. AgustaWestland is invest- ing in the next generation of rotorcraft technologies and the AW609 and future tiltrotor concepts are part of our inno- vation commitment,” Spagnolini commented. “We expect significant world-

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