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Metro Aviation, Inc. Delivers EC130’s to Medflight

Metro Aviation, Inc. recently completed two major STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) programs on the Eurocopter EC130 selected by Medflight Ohio (Columbus) to replace a mixed and aging fleet. The first two completed aircraft were delivered to Medflight Ohio, on June 6th where Metro Aviation, Inc. will serve as the operator, replacing Omniflight Helicopters as the Operator. Following crew training and familiarization, training and pilot check rides, the aircraft will be placed into service. The remaining six aircraft are to be completed and placed in service by Oct 2011. The aircraft STC’s were split into two projects, Emergency Medical Equipment and Optional Equipment Kit.

uration to the end user mission profile,” stated Milton Geltz, Managing Director for Metro Aviation, Inc. “Metro Aviation, Inc. chose a strategic partner for the Litter System in Lifeport, utilizing the Med Deck system with the TSO car- bon fiber litter. This selection was based on the necessity to meet design critical loading criteria unique to not only the EC130 but the EC155B1 that we are in process of completing three of for the University of Michigan,” Geltz commented. In conjunction with this program, Metro Aviation, Inc. worked cooperatively with Cobham/S-Tec HeliSaS to not only complete the STC pro- gram on the AS350B2, AS350B3 but also the

“The equipment selected for installation by Medflight Ohio is comparable to a much larger airframe platform. Metro Aviation’s challenge was to reduce size, weight and com- plexity to match the perform- ance goals of the single engine airframe. We think we accom- plished this goal. Equipment can be selected individually to cus- tom model the airframe config-


EC130B4 an RGS (Garmin) to add the Radar altimeter feature on the Garmin G500H instal- lation supplementing the HTAWS and Traffic System. Aviation Specialties Unlimited was selected for the NVG installation. The NORTH Flight Data Systems LARS System is scheduled for certifi- cation later this year. “This program began with the customer selection of Metro Aviation for the completion of the aircraft and ended success- fully by blending the customer mission profile requirements with Metro’s stringent opera- tional requirements with the end result being an aircraft meeting our partners expecta- tions and all currently proposed FAA/NTSB considered guide- lines,” Geltz concluded. ◆

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Chooses Helinet Technologies For Tactical Downlink Capability

Helinet Technologies, an international provider of avia- tion technology solutions to the

as well as play an ongoing role in providing training and 24/7 support. Specific OCSD mis- sion requirements include the ability for uninterrupted trans- mission of HD images across Orange County’s nearly 800 square mile area and a multi-

law enforcement, government and military markets, recently announced its selection by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) to imple- ment and support an integrated video downlink system for the department’s Aviation Support Unit (ASU). Designed to meet the OCSD’s need for a compre- hensive, tactical downlink capa- bility, the new system will enable continuous, real-time transmis- sion of high-definition images to ground-based portable receivers and mobile command centers.

In addition to developing the system’s overall architecture, Helinet Technologies will lead procurement, installation and commissioning of the solution


sensor payload to deliver high quality, actionable images in daylight, lowlight and nighttime environments. Other system features include a Geo-refer- encing software package and integrated laser range finder that allows an operator to “mark” targets on the ground for automatic tracking and matched fields-of-view between the infrared, color and low light sensors to provide rapid tog- gling between sensors without needing to adjust zoom or focus. “With its strong background developing and maintaining aerial downlink solutions for regional and national law enforcement and government agencies, Helinet Technologies

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