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by Matt Riviere

estival season is upon us! Let us all rejoice in one MASSIVE group of muddy, sunburned drunks, and all stand around in a field for three days, yeah!? It is my responsibility to make it clear that apart from the weekend of Latitude when the whole of the East makes the pilgrimage to Suffolk, the muddy fields are not the only places of glory this month – oh no! Your live music intake does NOT have to involve sun hats and tents. Te fine indoor stages of Norwich have got plenty of weatherproof fun that will require no wellies, and (hopefully) no wet wipes either.


A great starting place is a personal favourite of mine,SARGASSO TRIO, who have got their album release party at Norwich Arts Centreon July 2nd.Te album is brilliant. Buy it. Te music is totally tropical and totally danceable, and you should totally be there.

On July 5th,Soapboxstart a monthly soirée which will happen on the first Tuesday of every month at Te Langtryon Unthank Road. On the line-up are PROJECT MULTIVITAMIN + PEDALO + AIDY + ADDISONS UNCLE.Te venue situation in Norwich has been a bit depressing of late, but it is right nice to see a wider use of venues this

42 /July 2011/

month; I applaud Soapbox in their endeavours.

My favourite Norwich boy band OLYMPIANSplay at the Waterfront on July 9th forTe Tilting Sky, with support from SOLKO + TORTOISE FAMILY CONECTIONS + SMOKES SHOOTS & LEAVES. Olympians don’t have many Norwich gigs coming up, so catch them whilst you can and/or book them in for another!

No one needs to be told that ED SHEERANhas sold out THREE nights at the Waterfronton the 11th, 12th, and 13th July, but I feel like I should write it down because it is phenomenal. If you don’t have a ticket, BOO YOU. Although, on July 11th SEA OF BEESplay atNorwich Arts Centre, so it’s not all bad. When I saw this band play in a pizza parlour at SXSW in March, it literally made my year, so go along, and they’ll probably make yours too.

OnJuly 21st, a Wolverhampton promoter called Out Of Stepbrings the party to Norwich, at theKarma Kafe.Tey promise to provide a weekly alternative clubnight, playing punk, ska, emo, hardcore, psychobilly and indie, and we welcome them with open arms! Playing on this first night are SUNDIALS + CAVES + BIG SUCCESS + BROKEN WINDOW EFFECT + DETACHED.

Something great is happening on July 22!LET’S WRESTLEbring their noise to Norwich Arts Centre. Tey have got a new album out, and they play Norwich as part of a huuuuge tour ahead of some exciting shows towards the end of the year for All Tomorrows Parties.

SPEAKING OF ATP….(tedious link), on July 23,GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPERORcome to play theUEAas part of an ATPgig. Bands and promoters of this stature rarely come to Norwich, so it is exciting and pleasing to have them. I’m pretty sure this gig will be pretty awesome, right?


Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Finally, and whilst we’re still on the subject of new venues and new promoters and all that, it should be noted that Te Waterfronthave started to use their upstairs room (the studio) as a venue. Tis is a much needed venture and will obviously play host to some exciting acts in the near future. Tis month is no exception, and the Studio plays host to FEI COMODOon July 25th.

Enjoy the heat, suckers!...

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