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n his first book, Marble Mindfulness, psychotherapist George Toth explains a marble assessment technique that he uses with clients and patients. With more than 40 years of experience in clinical social work practice, Toth understands relation- ships. “This book is about using marbles as a therapeutic and self-help tool in understanding yourself and your family,” Toth says. “I believe that this is unknown territory and has never been done before.” The technique will help readers identify conscious and subconscious messages about strength of relationships, person- ality traits, feelings, beliefs, values and place within a family or group. The book provides a simple step-by-step technique to interpret the placement of marbles and other small objects used in the method.

Discover Your Family Dynamics I

George Toth

The concept of the book stemmed out of a professional training experience in 1969 and Toth has spent the last four decades developing the process. George Toth recently appeared on Discovery Channel in the hit international rea1ity TV series American Chopper, where he appeared as Mikey’s therapist. For 12 years he served as the army community service director for the U.S. Military Academy, West Point. He is also the cofounder of Alternative Counseling along with Diana Underwood.

George Toth can be reached at or 534- 2980. Alternative Counseling is located in Cornwall-on- Hudson. Marble Mindfulness is available at and See ad, page 13.

Honoring the Father within Us Workshop

H Tom Kelley

olistic health and compassionate integration counselor Tom Kelley is expanding his offerings. In addition to facilitating the Rockland Men’s Circle, Kelley now is counseling individuals and groups and offering workshops. Kelley

works primarily with men going through transition. Kelley’s own transition from former Marine Corps officer and successful business executive to counselor was interrupted last year when he was diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal blood disorder. With a bone marrow transplant and long recovery behind him, he brings a grounded, real world sensibil- ity to his practice.

“Times of transition in relationships, career, and health can be the catalyst to change perspectives, confront challenges, and take action in our lives. This is the core of what we do in this work,” Kelley explains.

On June 18, Kelley will be leading a workshop from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Lift Wellness in Nyack entitled ‘Honoring

the Father within Us’. This workshop provides men with a rare opportunity to slow down, breathe and contemplate what is more important in their lives. Here men will explore, celebrate, and deepen their experience of what it means to be a provider, father and man. Participants will bring focus to the issues of life purpose, mission and work/life balance in the company of other men.

Rockland Men’s Circle also will be taking new members for the summer session starting in July.

For more information or to sign up for the workshop, contact Tom Kelley at 917-279-4112 or For more information go to See ad, page 42.

Gluten-Free Catering Now Available at the Best of Little Italy


n addition to an extensive selective of gluten-free foods at The Best of Little Italy, they are proud to now provide gluten-free

catering as well. According to owner Peter Scalia, “We are always looking to better serve our community and with so many people coming in with special dietary needs, offering gluten-free catering in addition to our regular catering was a natural choice.”

Offerings include salads, sandwiches, soups, appetizers such as bruschetta on gluten-free crackers, and a variety of pasta, chicken and beef entrees. They also offer desserts such as cheesecake and pies. They are very pleased to announce that they now offer gluten-free cannolis as well.

The Best of Little Italy is located at Shoprite Plaza, Rt. 17M in Monroe. For more info, go to or call 782-5934. See Community Resource Guide listing, page 44.

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